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Jul 14, 2006 08:53 PM

what's going on w/ SULLIVAN ST BAKERY in soho?

now it's called DAISY'S or something like that. i heard the partners split up, but does that mean a change in food too?

what's the story morning glories?

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  1. all i've read is this:

    SULLIVAN STREET BAKERY -- Monica Von Thun Calderón has renamed this SoHo spot Grandaisy Bakery for her grandmother. Jim Lahey, her former partner, still owns the 46th Street Sullivan Street Bakery and the wholesale business: 73 Sullivan Street (Broome Street), (212) 334-9435.

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    1. re: calypsogirl

      Jim sold his portion of the business to focus on the outpost on 46th street. They introduced sandwiches a few months back, and are planning on turning it into some sort of place to eat and drink. I saw an application for a Liquor License up the other day in the window... you can see the picture here:

      1. re: zGustibus

        The one sandwich I tried was amazing. It was something like mango, pancetta and basil. I can't imagine them fitting a restaurant into that space without some serious renovation work. Right now it's just a counter with three seats. And the service is very unorganized. I don't think they get much foot traffic since it's so out of the way.

        1. re: Peter Cuce

          When I talked to the owner, he made it sound like they were knowcking down the wall between the take out area and the place where they load the bread into the trucks. And, I think they do get a lot of people there to buy sandwiches at lunch, and bread and things... they probably figure, imagine how many more people would come if they had a place to sit.

    2. Happened to pass by yesterday and saw the change. I'd heard it was coming but was unaware that it had already taken affect.

      We stopped in to test the potato pizza and were happy to see it hadn't changed. In fact almost everything looked the same. The new sandwiches looked tasty as well.

      There's an explanation on the door about the recipes coming from Monica's grandmother, hence the name change in honor of.

      I have a feeling it will remain almost the same (recipes, etc.) with some new additions.

      It's odd that the location with the name change is actually the one on Sullivan.

      Hopefully with Jim focusing on the wholesale division he will be able to get to be more organized and professional. From what I've heard it's a complete disaster.