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Jul 14, 2006 08:37 PM

Location of fruit carts?

Those steel fruit carts with already-peeled fruit, where you can ask the vendor to chop a selection of fruits up for you - that's what I'm looking for.

I know there's one on Venice in Culver City, near Hughes. There used to be one in the Whole Foods/Kmart shopping area (next to the Kmart) on 3rd Street, across from the Grove, but when I wanted some today it sadly wasn't there! I'm most interested in the Fairfax/La Brea area, since that's where I live, but I'm often on the Westside so anywhere in between would be helpful also.

The most recent post I can find referencing these is one approximately a year ago.

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  1. If you simply drive just a bit east on 3rd Street, you'll find them. I usually see a couple of those fruit carts. There's ALWAYS one cart around, at approximately the cross streets 3rd and Normandie. I believe the cart is in front of a Latin American strip mall in Koreatown.

    1. Yes, seems like almost every block has one around Vermont and Normandie. Drive down Wilshire or up Normandie and Vermont and you will see plenty. Also, you will find one near almost every subway station, so follow the Red Line. Be sure to get chili and lime juice.

      1. There is one on W Washington Blvd just East of Crenshaw right by the Bank of America.

        I also see one further down W Washington Blvd outside of downtown, just before the entrance to the 10W (or is it the 101S?)

        1. One has been parking across the street from my office at Wilshire and Masselin for a few weeks now. I'm hoping to try it this afternoon.

          1. They are indeed all over. One of our favorite fruit carts is at the obscure-sounding corner of Witmer & Shatto (a few blocks west of the Harbor Freeway on 6th or Wilshire), right across the street from the main entrance to Good Samaritan Hospital. Good selection, friendly guy, it makes a virtuous snack after a visit to the cardiologist or lunch at Pacific Dining Car.