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Jul 14, 2006 08:07 PM

A Good Rose

I had a bottle of Il Mimo Rose Wine at Lupa that was delicioso! Found a wine store that sells it too- 83rd and Columbus Ave. Looking for suggestions for something similar and just as inexpensive. Yum. Rose in the summer time.

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  1. Torres Rosado from Spain is very tasty and cheap. Should be well under $10 anywhere.

    1. Check out this thread on roses -

      The thread on summer wines also discusses some roses, I believe. I've been drinking the Muga rose lately.

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        This weekend at the beach we compared Muga to Gran Feudo and liked the Muga a lot more, it was drier, more refershing.
        We also tried Red Car's Think Pink Syrah Rose which tasted good but had too much alcohol (14.5%!)

      2. Sofia Rose from Coppola--- made with pinot noir grapes..

        1. We really like Vin Gris from Sinskey, a pinot based Rose. In the past couple of years a number of Napa wineries have started doing Rose's. Almost all are very good, dry, not sweet. We had one yesterday based on Merlot and it was pretty darn good. Plus, most are very inexpensive, under $20 or even less.

          1. The 2005 Domaine de Fontsainte Corbieres Gris de Gris was the highlight of a Bastille Day lunch. I believe it's made with Mourvedre and Grenache. It's imported to the US by Kermit Lynch in Berkeley. I've been drinking this for about 8 years now and always look forward to the release of the new vintage. The 2005 is very good.

            Cafe Claude lunch -