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Bay area source for fresh Epazote?

Can anyone recommend a source for the fresh Mexican herb - Epazote? I'm going to be making a new dish with it, and have not been able to locate it yet.


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    1. I've seen it at Berkeley Bowl with the herbs that are near the leafy organic produce.

      1. I think I have also seen it at Monterey Market.

        1. I've found it at the produce market one block away from La Palma (same side of 24th street).

          1. Thank you all!! I live in Mill Valley so will try the SF places first.

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              I bet you could find it and one of the Mexican grocers in San Rafael. And Sundays at he Civic Center farmers market, the two gals from Oaxaca in the center aisle often have it and other interesting quelites from Oaxaca as well.

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                Thanks! I usually go to the Thurs. Farmer's Market at the Civic Center, but since I usually don't do Mexican cooking hadn't looked around there.

            2. I have seen the fresh variety regularly at FoodsCo at 14th and Folsom in SF and the dried herb at Rainbow. The dried version works well in soupy dishes like black beans but not so well with quesadillas and such.

              1. Whole foods in San Mateo had the plants for sale in pots - as this is really a weed, it is easily grown in the home garden. It likes water apparently - I was sitting on a lawn chair in the sandy soil next to the Russian river one summer, and, noticing a smell, looked down to see I was in a field of it! Anyone see a wild site closer in?

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                  This is so funny. I just arrived in the Bay area in the early eighties from NYC where epazote could be found growing wildly in Central Park! And yet I could find none of it in any of the local SF parks. Then on a trip to Russian River I, too, stumbled upon fields of it along the banks of the Russian river.

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                    I went over the one-lane Wohler Bridge over the Russian River today. Wish I'd known to bring a machete!

                2. Lola's Market has it in the produce section and I recall "epazote for sale" road signs on Westside Rd. between Forestville and Healdsburg near the deli.

                  Lola’s Market and Restaurant
                  1680 Petaluma Hill Rd.
                  Santa Rosa 95403

                  1. I saw it at Berkeley Hort in 4" pots, if you want to add it to your herb garden.

                    1. Though I try to grow my own, the wind and fog in SF usually prevent enough growth for regular harvesting. So I buy it at the produce stand inside the Mission & 22nd Street food mall. Mission Distict, SF.