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Jul 14, 2006 07:20 PM

Fruit-only Spread Recipes?

I have a ton of blueberries and want to make one of those fruit-only type spreads. It's fine to add apple juice and pectin, i just don't want to add sugar. If you've ever had those Bionaturae spreads that Whole Foods sells, then you know exactly what I'm talking about, as that is the one I'd like to imitate.
I poked around on Epi, but couldn't find anything, perhaps just b/c I couldn't seem to write the correct search words? Who knows... Anyway, if anyone has a recipe, I'd really appreciate hearing it!

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  1. What about using honey instead of sugar, does that count?

    1. By adding apple juice you are not avoiding sugars. Apple juice contains 1.5 g/100 g. glucose, 6.0g/100 g.fructose and 3.0g/100 g. sucrose. Apple juice will add pectin all on its own but how much depends on how much you use of course. Honey is also made up of the same sugars as cane/beet suar but the carbon linkages are different. Meaasure for measure honey is sweeter than sugar and the body uses the available sugars differently so with cane/beet sugar your body may store the available energy as fat more readily than with honey but while you are caluclating the sugar content of the sugar in your "all natural spread" you also need to take into fact that fully ripe blueberries are 11% sugar by weight.

      1. Are you trying to can them and keep a long time? Or are you just wanting a quick spread? If it's the later, then just cooking your berries with some lemon juice and maybe some other natural sweetners (apple juice, honey whatever) will be enough. Blueberries have enough pectin in them that they'll set up once cooled. This quick spread can probably keep for a few days in the fridge.

        1. Hello all,

          A polish friend of mine makes strawberry jam with no sugar no pectin....nothing but strawberries!

          She simmers them slowly on the stove top for day though. It is quite a time commitment but ensures a nice, nothing added jam.

          Also, I can say quite confidently that the body does not use different sugars differently. Sugar, in any form, is simple carbohydrate and the location of digestion and the chemical pathways used in the process are all the same whether it is honey, white sugar, brwon sugar, or beet sugar. All are turned into fat just as readily if you are eating more calories then you expend.


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            Thanks for the info regarding sugar j2brady........I did not know that.....

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              Hopefully, Jenna, by now you have done even more research. Not ALL sugars are the same type carbohydrates. I believe "brownie" was trying to avoid PROCESSED sugars. Any Processed sugar, no matter how processed it is, is still PROCESSED YUK!
              You are right about how to make a good spread......The old-fashion slow simmering method is still the best way to do it. It is a great sense of accomplishment when you are done.
              If you use honey instead of cane sugar, taste your honey first. Many store brand honeys aren't very strong. I personally like a flavorful Fall-Harvest honey from the local farmer's market.