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Fried clams in Ipswich area?

Heading out to Crane's Beach tomorrow and remembered that there was a place in Ipswich that I'd read about here -- the Clam Box. But I did a search and none of the posts that came up was recent. There were also recommendations for a few other places: Choate Bridge Pub and the White Cap. Anyone who knows the area willing to give an update about which of these place I should head for? This is my sole fried clam adventure this year (so far), so I'd like it to be a good one! Thanks!

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  1. Hi pamlet,
    There was a lengthy post on this just the other day:
    long lines at the Clam Box - may want to try Farnham's or Essex Seafood.

    1. Great. Essex Seafood it is. Shame my searching technique missed this thread.

      1. The reason there are long lines at the Clam Box is that people are willing to stand in long lines for their food! That attests to its quality, I think. The Clam Box is my favorite of the many Ipswich clam shacks. And besides, the line doesn't actually take that long.

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          I happen to like the Clambox too but byy that logic, you'd think Woodmans must be good..and it isn't..it has long lines too..and McDonalds hamburgers must be of high quality because they sell lots of them.

          People wait for hours at Cheesecake Factory. I don't think that attests for their quality.

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              Let me rephrase that: people stand outside the Clam Box in midsummer, with 80+ temperatures and equal humidity, while being eaten alive by some of the most voracious mosquitos I've ever seen. I've never seen anyone do that for the Cheesecake Factory.

        2. There was a line out the door at the clambox today at 11:45AM.

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            Although to be fair, the order window at the Clam Box is about six feet from the front door, so "line out the door" starts as soon as there are more than three people in line!

          2. I was told that Essex Seafood was expensive. Any truth to that? Also Has anyone here been to the Village Resteraunt?

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              We did go to Essex and I didn't think the prices were absurd -- I think it was $16 for a platter that included the clams plus one side (onion rings or french fries). Thought the clams were pretty darn good -- very light batter, fresh-tasting clams. I wasn't so keen on the onion rings -- the light batter didn't really complement the lovely sweetness of the onions that well. I think you need something a bit heartier/maybe more salt? But the fries were good. I was happy!

            2. I don't think Essex is any more expensive than the other places in Ipswich. If you want fried clams be prepared to fork our some bucks, so matter where you go.

              1. I went with pups to Farnhams tonight around 7. It was totally jammed but we found a table inside and once we ordered (which took awhile) the food was done promptly. They were up to snuff this season I thought. Pups had clam strips (I know! I know!)and chicken fingers and I had a clam chowder and a lobster roll. I thought everything was great, clams were sweet and tartar was great, onion rings with my lobster roll were crispy and my chowder and roll were good. I like the Clam Box but will only go there after the summer season is over! P.S. I haven't been to the Choate St. pub in a long while so cannot vouche for the clams even though it was me who mentioned it.

                1. Hopefully the local clams are back soon. This was in the Gloucester Times on Saturday, Jul 15:

                  Essex clam flats are expected to reopen Tuesday after being closed for almost two months due to red tide and rain, the Essex shellfish warden said.

                  Other North Shore shellfish beds may not be far behind - good news for lovers of sweet, native softshell steamers and fried clams.

                  The Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries is expected to make an announcement Monday on the status of the red tide bloom that has kept flats North of Boston closed since May.

                  1. The head chef at the Clam Box posted on another board that Area N7 in Ipswich was opened for clamming this morning, and that the rest of the beach is expected to open on Friday, provided it doesn't rain.

                    I feel for the clammers, but after the last couple of days of insane humidity, I think I'd rather have the rain than the clams.