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Jul 14, 2006 06:58 PM

best pho bo in manhattan

i am longing for some great pho bo. or at least, the best that manhattan has to offer (i suspect that i would have to go out to queens to get excellent pho). suggestions?

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  1. I enjoyed the pho at Pho Bang, but the one on Mott St. 157 Mott St.

    Nam Son is also okay. 245 Grand St.

    1. Pho Bang is weak. The broth is nothing special and the servers are wacky looking.

      I've tried almost every pho spot in Manhattan and so far I enjoy Cong Ly the most. It's not going to blow your mind away but it's definitely tasty. Their spring rolls are also very good.

      You should also do a search for Pho on these boards. There are tons of recent threads on the subject. :)