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Jul 14, 2006 06:49 PM


What's the best: Murray's, Artisanal, Ideal, Zabar's or Fairway? I am going to give Despana an honorable mention too. If anyone suggests Whole Foods I'll have to have them thrown off the Board.

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  1. I agree about WFs. I don't like Fairway (at least on the UWS) b/c so much of the cheese is wrapped in plastic and it's always a fight to get to the counter - kind of the same feeling about Zabar's although their prices are good. Haven't bought cheese at Artisanal.

    So, my favorites are Murray's and Ideal ... but tend to go to Murray's b/c I do my shopping often on that little strip of Bleecker. Plus, you can't beat Cielo for entertainment. What about Di Palo's - I love their parmesan.

    1. There is no debate to be had - DiPaolo's is far and away the best in this country!

      1. DiPalo's should also get honorable mention since it is limited to Italian cheese as Despana is limited to Spanish. DiPalo's has great burrata and tartufello (cheese with black truffles) are fantastic.

        1. Where is DiPalo's? I am looking for a really good Pecoroni di Piensa

          1. Dipalo's is on Grand Street. You can google for the exact address. If they have it, be assured it is the best thet can be found.

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              iirc, DiPalo's is on the NW corner of Grand and Mott.

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                I heartily endorse DiPalo's. Warning though: don't go there if you're in a hurry. The owner is amazing, he'll wax poetic about cheese with you there at the counter for hours... he's like a personal shopper for cheese, a totally unique NY shopping experience.