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Hey folks,

there are two restaurants I'm looking for info on. One, is a larger Italian restaurant on Queen almost to the Neville Park streetcar turnaround. It is on the north side, right on a corner. What's the name, is it good?

The second is just east of this place, on the north side, a little bistro, that seems new, tucked away in a litte strip of stores. Again, what's the name, and is it good?

Thanks a bunch!

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  1. I can totally picture those places, but I can't for the life of me remember their names...

    If it helps at all, and you're looking for a great place in the Beach...we just went to "Pomagranate" on Queen St E, on the north side, just west of Beech Ave.

    The owner is also the chef and takes great pride in the dishes that he serves. He's new on the street, and has only been open for a few months.

    For the two of us, with alcohol, our dinner came to $75.00 before tip. The service was as great as the food, and so far this is the best restaurant we have found in the Beach since we moved here in February ( and believe me, we've tried most places...)

    Hope this helps! : )

    1. Spiaggia is the the Italian one. It was decent years and years ago, although pricey for the hood. But I haven't been in lo, 15 years?

      1. Is the second place you are thinking about possibly Blu Lobster Bistro?

        I agree with Starvin, Pomegrante is a welcome addition to the 'hood. Great brunch too!

        1. The second one you mention, do you mean on the *south* side, in the ugly mini-mall right next to the loop? Can't remember the name, sorry. Went there soon after it opened and we thought it typical for the Beach, that is mediocre but ok if you have to eat out close to home. However, several friends have been there since then and quite liked the food and service and ambience, so it's possibly worth a try.

          If you do mean north side, only place I can think of in the block east of Spiaggia is the Japanese sushi place (it's so-so).

          Agree about Spiaggia, when they were small and cozy and informal they were good. Amazing that with all the high-priced housing in the hood we can't support a truly good resto.

          1. There is a newer place just before the Neville park loop, its tucked in with a strip of stores, however its on the south side of the street. Its called Vi Vetha and its amazing, and very reasonable.. The chef used to cook at Nevada's but it is way better than that.

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              We just tried Vi Vetha again and our impressions haven't changed. They're fine, typical of hundreds of other Toronto restaurants, there is nothing special about the menu or the cooking. I would certainly not call them "amazing". If they are "amazing," what does one call Scaramouche or Splendido? "Super-mega-extra-amazing"?

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                Vi Vetha is quite average but I think ther're being hailed a amazing because pickings are slim to none in the Beach. Any charming little restaurant, pub etc....are long gone. Dinner for two at Starbucks?

            2. i've had the best bibimbap at beach sushi. the korean husband and wife team are the nicest people. the place is tiny. it's on queen and beech.

              1. Two restaurants you could try are Sauvignon (on Queen a block west of Woodbine) which offers great ambiance and service as well as food although the portions seem to be on the smaller side; and Ci Vediamo (on Queen a block east of Woodbine). Ci Vediamo has great italian food and their wine tasting menu is very reasonable at $30/person (last time I was there about 3 months ago). You get a 3-course meal with a different glass of wine with each course. The set menu (different for red or white wine tasting)changes every week and it's designed to allow you to try all the items they have on their regular menu. You definitely need a reservation though 'cause they're extremely popular.