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Jul 14, 2006 05:57 PM


did i miss something and did this gem go out of business while i wasn't looking? i went to their website, its down, tried calling, number out of order.

i know it was never packed, but i so enjoyed that place and thought it was a bit more sophisticated atmosphere than postino.

anyone tried this new lisa g wine bar?

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  1. And this place is located where?

    1. It's in Phoenix. The phone number (still working) is 602-307-0222. I've never heard of Lisa G - where is it, please?

      1. That's too bad. It's right down the street from me, and I didn't hear a thing about it. It's on Central Ave, just south of the Old Spaghetti Factory(not high on my personal gastro-list, but when you've got kids it's a winner).

        I enjoyed it much more than Postino.

        Lisa G's is on 7th Street, around Encanto. It's between McDowell and Thomas, just north of Coronado Cafe.

        1. Just to clarify -- I don't think Chevuront's is closed. The phone number I've listed above is still working and someone is answering the phone. If someone is visiting the neighborhood, they might be able to clarify?

          1. the number you listed above is going to a disconnect. "the number you have dialed is either out of service... blah blah"

            I haven't driven past, I just know the website is down and that number isn't working. its possible its still in business and they've changed numbers and not bothered with the website i guess.