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Jul 14, 2006 05:43 PM

Lunch Monday in downtown Santa Barbara

Dropping the kids off for a weeklong camp at UCSB, need a nice but casual (read not too expensive) place for lunch in downtown Santa Barbara. I'm taking a niece who has never been there before, so we will probably go to the Mission also.Any ideas?? .... and where should we park for said restaurant??

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  1. Opal on the 1300 block of State Street is a good indoor choice, among many, many, many other ones on State Street - always lively and local choice with a nicely varied menu.

    It is next to the Arlington Theater and there is parking on the street close by or the new Granada Parking lot which you enter on Anacapa Street between Victoria and Anapamu. That way you can see the courthouse, art museum and the local "arts" end of State Street.

    Arts and Letters Cafe is a nice outdoor courtyard choice on the first block of East Anapamu Street - across from the Library and Art Museum, near our wonderful used book store The Book Den. Nice little shops on the first block West Anapamu to poke around in down the block.

    My own favorite place for lunch (not on State Street) is getting the antipasto misto at Ca Dario on the corner of Victoria and Anacapa Street - again in this same area with the same parking in the street or the Granada garage. Top off the antipasto plate (with their yummy ciabatta bread) with a creme caramel and a cappucino and you have my most favorite lunch time treat. This is a small San Francisco feeling restaurant very popular with local Santa Barbarans and the professional offices near by - not a tourist place.

    There are lots of good restaurants right in this small area: Japanese for their bento box lunches, the Art Museum Cafe in the art museum; Tupulo Junction; Olio y Limone for lunch; Cafe Bianco. Indian is down the street. Chinese around the corner ....... well, you see .. all depends on what you want to do and see but this is the quieter end of town on State Street - The Historic Arts District of State Street.

    1. My apologies not knowing which of my above suggestions may not be open on Mondays ---- but there will be at least some of them open in this area of State Street - between Victoria and Anapamu - both sides of State.

      Elements is another choice as it has outdoor tables and faces the beautiful inner courtyard of the Courthouse - again on East Anapamu Street, a few blocks down from State Street - same parking suggestion - the Granada Garage. Street parking in this area is 70 minutes so keep that in mind.

      1. La Super Rica Taqueria
        622 N. Milpas St, Santa Barbara
        Phone: (805) 963-494 * Cuisine: Mexican * Hours: Mon-Sun 11am-9pm

        Casual and good eats. One of Julia Child's favorites!!! mine too!

        1. I live in S.B. and think the two previous posters gave good recommendations - although for your purposes La Super Rica may be a bit out of the way and perhaps not atmospheric enough (the food is terrific). Also, La Super Rica is counter-service and on Monday at lunch is likely to be crowded (long, uncomfortable wait and short meal).

          If it's open on Monday I'd recommend Tupelo Junction, as the earlier poster mentioned. It's right in the heart of State Street, has a nice vibe and good comfort food that is not very expensive.

          Have a nice stay here...