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Jul 14, 2006 05:37 PM

Best Omakase

I want to be around $100 per person. Nobu seems really tough to reserve, is 57 as good? What about Morimoto, Gari, etc. (I have excluded Yasuda, I don't enjoy it).


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  1. Ushi Wakamura, Sachikos, Kirara, Shimizu, Ebisu, Kanoyama, Jewel Bako Makimono, Taka

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    1. re: guttergourmet

      i NEVER see anyone in sachikos...i guess that is why i have never been there. is it good?

      ps has anyone ever tried omakase at cube 63?

    2. Jewel Bako would probably be the most upscale. I just did the Omakase at Shimizu for way under $100 and I was blown away by the quality of the fish. For $100 I would imagine you'd be treated like royalty. I also tried Kirara but wasn't impressed with their omakase. Many like it though. Enjoy your party!


      1. Morimoto's Omakase is amazing.
        not cheap, though.

        1. ushiwakamaru seconded.

          the quality of fish is amazing for only $100 and they do not skimp on food.
          you get about three or four small dishes from the kitchen, a huge plate of sashimi (about 4 pieces of toro, two amaebi, 5 chunks of awabi, and about 3 slices each of the day's fish. i've had tai-red snapper, shima-aji that's imported from japan, and a few others) sushi (about 8 nigiris... no rolls) miso soup, then dessert!
          amazing deal

          1. Kanoyama on 2nd and 11th is very good.