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Jul 14, 2006 05:36 PM

Party at OTTO

Has anyone done a party recently at OTTO? I'm thinking of going there with a group of about 14 people.

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  1. My friend hosted a party there for about 15 people a few months back. It was a pretty organized affair - they hold you to a pretty steep per person charge - but we liked that ultimately, since it took away the nightmarish "I only had an appetizer and didn't drink so I shouldn't pay as much" kind of thing that happens with large groups. They encouraged us to order magnums of wine, which might have been excessive but was decadent and fun. I think the vegetable dishes are the most successful things on the menu - the meat and cheese plates, and almost every one of the vegetable sides fare far better than the pizzas or pastas, in my opinion.

    The room is a bit of a drag though, since they back area is almost exclusively large groups at long tables, so it can get overly raucous and packed. But if that's what you are looking for, it is a really good option for large group dining.

    1. Sounds good. Do you remember what the cost was? Was it a set menu??

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        I think it was $40/pp with add-ons for wine, depending on how good you want your wine to be. We ordered bottles off the menu instead, the aforementioned magnums. It isn't a set menu but a guideline: you choose x amount of pizzas/antipasti off the menu depending on the number of people. They had us sign a whole bunch of paperwork ahead of time and give a cc#; they aren't really fooling around.