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Montreal Bagels

Anybody know of a place to get Montreal bagels in the city?

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  1. fedex offices.

    thats all i got.

    1. Sounds like a good idea for a business venture. Make sure to serve poutine too.


      1. Mile End has a booth at the Hester Street Fair on the LES. I had a bagel from them on the fair's opening weekend.


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        1. I love that the word is pronounced "ba-ZHEL" in Quebec; that always makes me smile.

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          1. re: Phil Ogelos

            It is?? I grew up in Montreal eating St. Viateur bagels (white seeds only, please) and never heard it pronounced that way -- but I moved away 20 years ago so maybe this is a new thing....

            1. re: Fay

              I still have family in TMR -all 'de vieille souche'- and that's how they say it.
              (Granted, they're not big bagel eaters.)

              1. re: Phil Ogelos

                I beg to differ. The current street prononciation in French is "baie-GUEULE."

            2. I haven't seen Mile End at Hester lately. Maybe they cut back to only doing one day a week? Maybe they're not doing it at all?

              Either way, there's always their own shop, where you can special order them for weekly delivery.

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                Possibly the vendors at Hester Street change from weekend to weekend. But entre nous (and the rest of the internet), I didn't think the bagel from Mile End was all that. And I went to Montreal the first week in May, had a bagel there (from Fairmont) and didn't think it was all that, either. I don't really see what the fuss is about. It's a too-sweet bagel, is what it is.

                1. re: small h

                  They are sweeter, and reminded me of one of the better packaged bagels I've had. That is to say, a step up from Lenders, and some good flavor packed in there, but not a quality top notch bagel.

                  That said, I haven't really liked any of our NY bagels lately (had a good one at David's recently) so I was pleased and would probably order it again.

              2. It's all in the water: Montreal bagels; New York bagels; New York pizza; LA pizza;
                SF sourdough, NOLA beignets; Viennese croissants.
                It's all in the local water that makes the bread that feeds the chowhounds that makes the world go 'round.

                1. Theres is a new Montreal Deli restauraunt called Mile End Deli that has bagels from a place called Saint -Viateur in Montreal. They also have something called a smoked meat sandwich. It is what pastrami is to New York to what smoked meat is to Montreal.

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                    Made the trek to Mile End in Brooklyn last spring (before FoodNetwork episode aired on deli meats) -- it's worth it. I was cynical that a bagel could compare to H&H but I had to concede that the Montreal bagel is better. It' not as bulky, bready as NY bagels and had a slight sweet flavor. Definitely try the smoke meat sandwich and the hash at Mile End but prepare for a wait during weekend brunch hours.

                    1. re: wadawada

                      I have to agree with small h here. I went to Montreal a little while ago, headed straight to every famous bagel place I'd ever read about and was incredibly disappointed. They were hard as rocks and not very tasty. Every single one headed to the trashcan after a few bites. In LA a bagel is basically a roll with a hole, except for one place on Beverly Blvd. all the way downtown where the boil them and then bake them. viva New York! we have the tastiest ones right here

                  2. Yes there is one that just opened. Having being from montreal I have always hoped for a Montreal Bagel place in NYC and there is one that just opened in brooklyn. It tastes exactly like Montreal Bagels and is very delicious. It is called B&B Empire.