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Jul 14, 2006 05:13 PM

Bopkas and black and white cookies

Will be visiting New York in the fall. Wanted to try the Seinfeld standbys. Where would the best bopkas and black and white cookies be found in New York?

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  1. I like the chocolate babke that is sold at Zabar's on the Upper West Side. I believe it comes from a celebrated bakery in Brooklyn. And the cinnamon is good too. It does not taste like a "lesser babke."

    1. Glaser's Bake Shop on 1st Avenue btwn 87th and 88th has great black and white cookies, among other desserts... The store has been there over 100 years, so it is quite cool to check out.

      1. Just had the chocolate babka from Gertel's on the LES. Pretty good. I like the one they have at Barney Greengrass also. B&Ws are fairly ubiquitous

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          I retract my previous comment regarding B&Ws. I realize that quality of even B&Ws can be hotly debated. After all, pizza and hamburgers are ubiquitous too but that doesn't stop me from driving 150 miles out of my way for the best. Having said that, I had a great B&W with lemony cookie flavor(an essential attribute) at Moishe's kosher Bakery on 2nd avenue the other day.

        2. i love the black & whites at Leske's on 5th Avenue in Bay Ridge.

          1. Although B&Ws are pretty ubiquitous, they are NOT all created equal. Steer clear of the large tourist traps such as Cafe Europa. The other posters suggestions are good and you might try any little neighborhood bakeries where you see them in the window (especially in the West Village).

            I've had some good ones at Lafayette Bakery on Greenwich Ave. I think City Bakery has them too, but I'm not a fan of that place in general.