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Jul 14, 2006 04:48 PM

Fresh fish in Reno / Sparks

Not sure if this is applicable for Chowhounds, but the new fish store that opened up in Sparks can get sashimi-grade fish, and he can get all kinds of fish by request. Coast to Coast Seafood is at the intersection of McCarran and Prater. It's in the same area as the Bank of America, kind of tucked back into a corner, but it's worth the trip. If you want something but can't get there until later in the day, call and he'll hold it for you. This is good because they sometimes sell out of things.

Again, I know this is mostly restaurant commentary, but I thought the ability to get sashimi grade fish might be good news for some people.

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  1. Yeah, I saw the sign for this. I can't remember if it's the old Baskin Robbins or the old old Baskin Robbins location, but it's the same block of buildings as BJ's Barbecue. I was going to check it out.

    1. Its on the other side of BJs from Baskin Robbins.....BJs is taking over the old Baskin Robbins space and making it a place for takeout/retail business. I haven't been to the fish store yet either, but my coworkers say that the quality is great (our office is practically next door....)