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Jul 14, 2006 04:13 PM

Seattle - lower Queen Anne

Portland hound coming up to Seattle for a 5-day conference this Saturday - Wednesday. I'm staying at the Inn at Queen Anne (1st Ave N. & Mercer) and the conference is at the Convention Center (7th & Union). I'm looking for good places near each, or on the way from one to the other.

I'm thinking cheap places, not because I'm afraid to spend money on food, but because I'll mostly be alone and cheap places tend to be more comfortable for lonely little me.

I'm partial to authentic ethnic places with real, adventurous, flavors.

Thanks for any recommendations!

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  1. I spent last year's vacation at the same hotel. This year I just moved out here instead. Just down the block from you is a nice noodle place called Rami (?) Noodles. It is just passed the liquor store on the same side of the road. It is a nice restaurant, cloth napkins and all, but at a reasonable price. If you feel like getting some things to go, go to Larry's Market and check out the wines, cheeses, olive bar, and luscious desserts.

    You are also walking distance from Marinopolis Sushiland, home of conveyor belt sushi. It is cheap, quick, and really good. I highly recommend walking, as construction has lost them almost all parking and the street parking may cause you to get a ticket.

    A bit further away is a unique vegetarian chinese restaurant called Bamboo Garden. They have "meat" dishes that don't actually taste like chicken, pork, or beef, but do taste excellent. The only non-vegan item on the menu is the fortune cookie, but everything is fabulous. They have their own parking lot beside the building and their address is 364 Roy St.

    Enjoy your stay.

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      I think the noodle place you are thinking of is RACHA, a thai restaurant on the corner of 1st Ave N and Mercer. It's pretty good but I think Tup Tim Thai (on Mercer between 1st Ave W and 2nd Ave W) is more authentic.

    2. i have been very pleased with a quirky italian place (owned by a chinese couple!) called perche no? (means "why not?") on first avenue just above roy. seems the chef was trained by a previous owner and developed a wonderful style of his own. very relaxed atmosphere and wonderful food at decent prices. also recommended is the mecca cafe further down on first - a genuine diner with good comfort food and counter seats making it perfect for single diners.

      btw, i gave up on bamboo garden because it always seemed to smell like an overflowing litter box...

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        I would second the recommendation for Perche No. David and Lily, the owners, are great and, although it's not cheap, it's great food, sometimes exotic (I've seen ostrich and cobra on the menu in the past), and they're so friendly I'd feel totally comfortable eating alone there. My one experience of Bamboo Garden was that it was the worst restaurant meal I'd ever eaten. So far, that stands. I'd second, third I guess, Tup Tim Thai.

      2. There is a nice little Greek place called Pano's on 5th Avenue N, northeast of the center. You can either make a meal of the wonderful Greek small plate appetizers they sell or order a full dinner.

        Reliable Thai include Bahn Thai and Thai Heaven, both on Roy.

        1. Try the Mediterranean Kitchen, a little down Roy street almost at the end of Seattle Center. Get the chicken wings. They're garlickly and amazing.

          1. I'd second Perche' No. I wouldn't call it super-cheap, but it's a unique experience, and occasionally you get some very unusual and tasty things there (like ostrich with chocolate sauce, or king cobra risotto). If nothing else, try it because it will turn your conception of "authentic" upside-down.

            Mediterranean Kitchen is one of my standbys, although I'm partial to the shish tawook more than the wings. Enormous portions here, and there's garlic in almost everything. The soups that come with dinner are exceptional, as well.

            The Mecca is a classic piece of old Seattle, and someone really ought to get around to making it a registered historic site one of these days. It's grungy, greasy and grimy, and there's no diner I like better (although Beth's Cafe and the Five Point are also close to my heart).