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Jul 14, 2006 04:09 PM

Takeout Lunches from SF Chinatown

Are there any really good simple Chinese places on the Financial District edge of Chinatown? I'm not looking for fancy or expensive, just simple places with good, made-to-order food (noodle dishes, rice plates, etc.) where I could order ahead and go pick up a good lunch to bring back to the office... The steam table at Sapphire just isn't cutting it.

I don't know enough about different regional styles of Chinese food to know exactly what I'm looking for... in fact, I'd be excited to try different things.

Ideally, I'd love to stay within about 5 blocks of California and Battery.

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  1. Speaking to vicinity here are a few Asian types of places
    * Henry's Hunan on Sacramento
    * Tokyo-Express on Sacramento
    * There's a Pho place in Embarcadero Three - you mentioned noodle dish and this came to mind
    * Banana Best Thai - 554 Commercial (btw Sac + Clay; Sansome + Montgomery)

    A little more than 5 blocks but still close
    * Louie's on 649 Washington btw Montgomery + Kearny