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Jul 14, 2006 04:03 PM

1 Restaurant During Restaurant Week?

I'll admit I don't get into the city very often, but I'm going to have to make a point to make a trip in during restaurant week (well, amybe more than one, but who knows). If you had a choice to visit just one restaurant (for dinner) where would it be? I love seafood, but my girlfriend is more of a steak person, and not an adventurous eater at all, so a menu with a little but of variety would be good. I look forward to all your recommendations.

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  1. Restaurant Week is tricky with picky (or non-adventurous) eaters. My dad likes to go out to eat but is sort of a meat-and-potatoes kind of guy and it's challenging to find a restaurant week menu that has something he'll eat from each course. Most/many menus have a skirt or hangar steak, a chicken, and a fish. But the steak might come with pistachio mashed potatoes or chanterelle broth, which could turn off a picky eater.

    I've had good luck with the RW menus at Upstairs on the Square, Lumiere and Rialto. If you check or the individual websites of participating restaurants, you can sometimes see what their proposed RW menu is -- that might make it easy to pick something she'll go for.

    Don't know where you live or whether you like going into the city, but there are some suburban participants in RW -- ie Ariadne in Newton, Fava in Needham, etc. Could be easier if you're not a city person.

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      Also - has some links that include some restaurants' RW menus:

    2. Smith and Wollensky might be a good choice. A chowhound report from last year ( )listed the menu with many options. Don't know if this year's menu is the same. The restaurant is housed in the "Castle" in the Theater District. Rooms decorated with interesting memorabilia.

      Also I enjoyed my Winter Restaurant Week lunch at Top of the Hub. The food was suprisingly good and creative ( but not too much- and you can ask for entree without sauce or on the side). Portions were generous and bread basket was very good. Check out their website:
      The have a prefixed lunch throughout the year (see lunch menu on website). They might post their RW menu soon so you can decide if it meets your needs. A plus is that they offer validated parking at the Pru Center for $9. They only do lunch for RW- but lunch runs until 3pm. Had a wonderful lunch with warm, friendly service.