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Jul 14, 2006 03:39 PM

V-Spot: the worst restaurant in Park Slope?

I was in the mood for something light and healthy last night, so I tried the new vegan place on 5th Avenue and Douglass. What a mistake! First off, the menu sucks - both the way-too-basic selection and the lack of descriptions of the dishes. But the food was unbelievably bad.

I got quinoa with vegetables and collard greens, thinking it would be a healthy choice. But it was the greasiest meal ever. The quinoa had been prepared like fried rice I guess, and the collard greens were incredibly oily - that's all you tasted. My friend got a "steak" that more like fake chicken than fake steak (there really is a difference!). His black beans were good, but that's the only thing. We also got the world's smallest avocado salad, for $7.

The place appears to be run by some young guys who don't know a thing about food. No wonder the place was empty!

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  1. I've been there twice with my wife (who is a reformed vegan) and though I want to support the place for her sake, I hated both meals.

    I've made a lot of vegan meals at home and the lamest of them have been at as good as what I had at V-Spot. Their chickenparm could come straight out of the frozen box into the microwave. Even my wife, who likes all things vegan, has agreed with me that most of their food seems microwaved.

    The owners should spend some time at Kate's in the east village and put some love into their cooking.

    1. couldn't agree more. Totally prepared for something healthy and was totally disappointed. Not healthy and worse, not tasty.

      1. This sucks. I was excited when this place opens, given the lack of vegan restaurants in Brooklyn, but I have yet to hear a single positive thing about it. Maybe they'll get it together in the future?

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Yup, I'm with all of you. I love a good vegan meal and was excited to see a place coming to the neighborhood. But I'll have to keep waiting. Food, service, menu were all disappointing. I like their courtyard but to get there you have to walk through what is a very dirty kitchen and dishwash area. Not too appetizing.