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Jul 14, 2006 03:38 PM

Bone Marrow

Hi All -

I love the bone marrow at Blue Ribbon. Does anyone else know of any other restaurant in the city where you can get bone marrow as good as the one at Blue Ribbon?


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  1. Crispo on 14th does a great version.....You can also just sit and eat at the bar

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    1. re: vegas dreams

      This doesn't answer your question, but I would like to share my opinion of Blue Ribbon's Bone Marrow.

      People rave and it is a GREAT spot to go. I just didn't think the bone marrow was "off the hook". My problem is the marrow was a brownish color, which indicates blood. To properly prepare the dish, you first soak the marrow in milk to draw out the blood. I was disappointed with the preparation.

      Thanks for mentioning this dish. Sorry for stepping off your topic a bit- it's just been on my mind.

      1. re: eddiefreddie

        Wow. I've had the bone marrow at BR many times and it has never been anything but creamy white. Perhaps you caught them on a bad day.

      2. re: vegas dreams

        I second Crispo--last time we were there (last week) the bones were HUGE, split lengthwise, delicious white juicy marrow to spread on toasted bread or regular bread, with caramelized onions and raisins, we always order it there

      3. Quality Meats has a marrow appetizer that is delicious.

        1. Landmarc has a good version.

          1. The pot au feu at Cafe des Artistes. The gomtang at NY Gomtang.

            1. Yea, maybe I caught blue ribbon on an off night with the bone marrow. It's a terrific spot (means a lot coming from a chowhound!)