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CFS, fried okra, etc near Marriott DFW airport?

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I'm staying at the Marriott DFW Airport next Wednesday night. And a Texan friend (now living in Germany) wrote me that I have to eat: chicken-fried steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, fried okra, biscuits. Optional extras: agua fresca, peach cobbler a la mode and/or buttermilk pecan pie or coconut meringue pie.
Sounds like the kind of down-home meal I'd like. But the only place I know of near the Marriott is a Denny's.
Can anyone help me out?
Shep Huntleigh

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  1. Forgot to mention that I'm from Boston, where none of these things are generally on the menu.

    1. A lot of those home-cooking dishes are widely available at lunch but not so much at dinnertime.

      Pretty close to the airport is Dixie House Cafe on Airport Freeway in Euless. I think they do dinner only on friday, however. I had a great lunch, featuring most of the things your friend recommends, there this week.

      Do not get sucked into eating at Black-Eyed Pea. That's become very prefab and undistinguished in its advancing chain years.

      There's a place fairly near the airport called Raven Grill at Texas Star golf course. They have some of those dishes and are open in the evening. Another idea is a smallish chain called the Cotton Patch. They might have decent versions of these foods and there are locations near the airport.

      1. Thank you, HalleyP. I appreciate your kindness.

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          Hi Shep,

          I'm hopeful that you can do better than pre-fab CFS from a "decent" chain restaurant like Cotton Patch. You should check out this thread on the best CFS in Dallas:


          One other possibility, also mentioned in the link above, is to find a Tex-Mex/Mexican restaurant that serves a good milanesa. It's not exactly the same, but you could probably get your agua fresca there, too. I'm afraid I don't live in the DFW area, but maybe more local ‘hounds will weigh in with suggestions.

          You know, when I was living in Boston I only managed to find one place (an upscale diner near Franconia in NH) that served a decent CFS. Then I never found that diner again. . .

          Enjoy your trip!

        2. Alas, my trip was exhausting and I wound up hotel-bound. Actually, I walked across the highway to a Whataburger, which I'm told is another Texas "experience." It was just fine.

          1. We got free apple pies at Whataburger once, but that's a story for another time.

            What I was going to suggest, was this odd little (but actually quite large on the inside) place in Southlake called Po Melvins. It's very inexpensive, but very good.


            1. Joe's Cafe in Irving. Not open except on Friday's for dinner though....good cheap breakfasts and all-american lunches.

              Any of the chain restaurants that have American food will have CFS. Fried okra you'll be more likely to find at a BBQ joint.

              1. If you want great southern food there is only one really great option. Babe's chicken house, the Carrollton location would be closest.