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Jul 14, 2006 03:19 PM

Anniversary Dinner w/ Baby - Anywhere in Philly Metro Area

I know this may sound funny, but next week is our anniversary, and we decided to have our 1-yr old daughter along with us. So we're looking for a nice place to eat that's also friendly to babies. She is quite well-behaved, but sometimes still screams and throws stuff to the ground. We could go to Applebee's, but that's not exactly special :). It doesn't have to be ultra-fancy like Morimoto, but we're looking for a place special enough.

We live around Springfield, delaware county, but we can drive to anywhere within 30-45 minutes radius.

Since I'll be taking that day off from work, this can also be a lunch thing, if that makes it easier.

Thanks very much in advance! :)

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  1. You mentioned Morimoto' might consider Teikoku, a Japaese/sushi on West Chester Pike (Rte 3) not too far from you.

    Not ultra fancy. But it is a really nice interior and very good sushi, etc.

    Rte 3 west, oh some 10-15 miles from Havertown as a reference point

    1. Kids are ok at most Steven Starr places like Jones and maybe Buddakan. We took our little one there (when he was 3 or 4) and they were fine with it.

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        I think the Starr places are great for this occasion -- definitely not just a normal night now, most of them loud enough that no one will mind or even notice a baby, and they all have big, bright, colorful or shiny things to distract your daughter with :) I think Jones, Buddakan or El Vez would be my top pics for baby.

      2. Matyson is child friendly. We went with friends who brought their 3 year old. They offered a high chair and the staff fawned over her. They even prepared a special ice cream treat for her. This was on a busy sat night.

        1. Hmmm. This does not at all sound funny to me, but familiar! I agree about Starr places being good and Teikoku too. I recommend, especially for lunch, Fellini's in Media, but go alittle after 1 to beat the lunch crowd.

          1. Thanks for all the great suggestions! You guys are awesome.