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Jul 14, 2006 03:15 PM

Eating/Drinking Late(ish) in KC

Two NYC hounds going to KC next week--we are looking for a place to have dinner and a drink or two. We won't be able to go out until about 9:30 and have noticed that many well known BBQ places, etc., are closed by then or at 10pm. We're staying downtown but will have a car.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Would you prefer casual or not so casual?

    1. KC is definitely not a late-night eating-out town, for the most part. This is a perennial problem for me and my musician husband. But there are few spots we hit on a regular basis.

      Grinders (417 E 18th St) -- a pizza place run by a local artist named Stretch. Coming from NY, you may not be interested in pizza and cheesesteak sandwiches, but Stretch is from Philadelphia, and the food is excellent. Their hottest wings come with a waiver. Lots of good beers on tap, and some of KC's best people watching, especially on the weekends. A little dead during the week.

      The Bulldog (1715 Main) -- somewhat swankier. The food at the Bulldog can be a little hit or miss (I've had some good and some bad meals), but the bar is outstanding. They have a cocktail menu that is organized historically (e.g., "Prohibition-era"). The kitchen is definitely open late, like after midnight.

      Arun Thai (100 E. 7th) -- late night happy hour. This Thai restaurant is owned by the Empress of Thai Food in Kansas City (she runs several restaurants around town, all popular and busy). Excellent larb and noodles. They are notable for having a late-night happy hour (drinks and appetizers) that runs from 9 or 10 until 1 am.

      La Bodega (703 Southwest Boulevard) -- tiny restaurant with tremendous tapas. I've never had a bad meal here, and the kitchen is open until midnight on the weekend and 11 during the week. Try the beef tenderloin with blue cheese and the dates wrapped with ham and stuffed with chorizo (bacon-flavored candy!).

      Southwest Boulevard is also the center of Hispanic culture in KC. My favorite is El Pueblito at 810 Southwest Boulevard (make sure to try the carne asada). Many of the Mexican restaurants are open pretty late.

      I'll post more as I think about them.

      1. Some additional recommendations from another message board I subscribe to -- you may want to call and double check about these times.

        “town topic baby, TOWNTOPIC!!! never closes. great grub. and the place is legendary.” [I can vouch for this one. Open 24/7, with two locations in the Crossroads, about a block away from each other (2021 Broadway and 1900 Baltimore). About 6 stools and a counter. The classic greasy spoon hamburger stand. Grade-A people watching.]

        “Skies, on the 2500 block of McGee, serves appetizers until 1:30.” [this is a rotating restaurant at the top of the Hyatt Regency. I’ve never been there, but reviews seem to indicate that it defies the increasing elevation = decreasing edibility equation. You may have a hard time convincing the staff that you DON’T want to put an engagement ring anywhere in your meal.]

        “The Majestic serves food until they close at 11.” [old school steak+jazz. 931 Broadway. Several notes on this board.]

        “Gates BBQ, at Main and Linwood, is yelling orders until 11.”

        1. Second the rec of La Bodega and the chorizo-stuffed dates!

          Also, bluestem's lounge is open until 1:30. It is definitely the "fanciest" of all the recs so far, I would say.

          For beer and awesome fish and chips, McCoy's Public House is a great place to go. Not totally sure on the hours, but it is a bar, so I would guess they're open later. (They have a website, but my work blocks it!)