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Jul 14, 2006 02:30 PM

Spotted new cream puff place on Christopher St -- any report?

Walking along far west Christopher Street the other night and spotted a cream puff outpost that was NOT Beard Papa or Choux Factory. But it was late and the place had already closed. Meant to remember the name and ask about it (or go back another time) but I'm getting old and forgetful. <chuckle>

Has anybody tried this new interloper? And how are the cream puffs? Worth a return trip? (Working one cream puff at a time to keep the standard high.)

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  1. I believe you're referring to Puff & Pao. It's not very new, probably more than a year old. Much of their stuff is savory -- cheesy doughs, spices, mushrooms. Those are OK, but not spectacular. I've never had the sweet ones. A pao is much more dense than the choux pastry used for cream puffs. Give 'em a try, it's very very cheap.

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      Ditto on your thoughts about the place. Even though I haven't visited them since their opening, I am not too fond of their stuff overall. I still prefer Beard Papa's cream puffs over Puff & Pao.

    2. if it's pao then those are sort of cheesy bread thingies kind of unique to brazil.

      1. I've only been twice, but the last time I went, my cream puffs were only about 1/3 full of cream, which looked kind of curdled. It was kind of a bummer because I ordered them to take home and only realized the problem when I got home! I don't know if there was a problem with their equipment, if it was the fault of the person filling the puffs, or if the cream puffs were just plain bad. I think Beard Papa is far superior and have never had a bad experience there!

        Any other cream puff places anyone suggests checking out? Thanks!

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          Walked by there yesterday. They've gone out of business.