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One night B-Day Dinner Las Vegas

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  • borny Jul 14, 2006 02:06 PM
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I need dinner rec. for great food and a good time

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  1. Daniel Boulud Brasserie is the place to go. It is on the lake at the wynn hotel, so you can see the light show which is a good time in itself. The food is bistro food done very very well. When I was there last I hado onion soup, halibut and choc profiteroles. All were outstanding! try to get a table outside. I think this restaurant is one of the prettiest restaurants in the usa.

    1. I second Daniel Bouloud Brasserie....I had my Birthday there last month. Try the Crispy Duck Confit and the Sweetbreads w/ Veal Cheeks.....to die for.
      Also the escargot as a starter....they are a classic!
      It will be a Birthday dinner to remember!

      1. Drinks at the Carousel Bar in the Wynn, dinner @ Picasso in the Bellagio.