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World Tong - Any Change?

My understanding is that the chef at World Tong has "moved on" to Chinatown Brasserie - has anyone noticed any change at World Tong? I was hoping to have dim sum this weekend, but I am a bit leery.

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  1. Oh no, really? I have only been once, last fall, and I was looking forward to going again. Someone please report if you have been recently. When did the chef leave?

    1. i went for the first time ever a couple weeks ago and really loved it for what it's worth. we got mostly dumplings and aside from the slightly too greasy and somewhat cold fried pork version, they were all wonderful--there was a combination pork and shrimp steamed dumpling that was especially fantastic--and if memory serves we also had one with shrimp and greens (i think) that was lovely. we also had some sticky brown rice with greens and bits of pork in it that was nice. i have been plotting to return ever since!

      1. We have been going there for several years now. First caught my eye after having been to Ming Gee - driving by I noticed the same type of Italian marble with Chinese writing and had to check it out. It was easily the best dim sum in Brooklyn, and we were disappointed our secret was out when it was in the News and then the Times. Last time there we did notice a decrease in quality, and I am not suprised to hear this is the reason. However it is still good and we are not ready to give up on it. Seems like there is some fluidity in the business with Ocean Port closing and all, and I am sure it will improve at some point.

        BTW, where is Chinatown Brasserie?

        1. hmm, i have also noticed a dropoff in quality, but it's still not bad. also, some of my favorite dishes were nowhere to be seen (fish balls, or most of the chopped chives/greens-oriented dishes, and the tofu skin wrapped things, as i remember). when did the cheff leave?

          1. Oh no!
            I am of course happy for the chef (that his talent has been recognized), but I am not happy for myself if World Tong starts to suck.
            I might have to go there this week and investigate.

            1. Dropped by World Tong this afternoon, and apparently World Tong is closed for the next few days. Havent checked the NYC Health site yet, but apparently its due to health code violation..

              1. the youngish english-speaking guy that worked the front of the house
                was passing out cards to Chinatown Brasserie for the past year, saying he was consulting, coming soon, etc. It is on Lafayette in Manhattan; I think where Time Cafe/Fez used to be. CB's gotten pretty spotty reviews so far.

                I'd still like to get confirmation about the chef from World Tong.
                I have not eaten there in a couple months, but it was pretty consistent before that

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                  See Times article

                  Its pretty certain the guy is working at CB - whether that will actually affect World Tong, who knows? Most of the dim sum chefs/chinese cooks around town are anonymous to most of us patrons - I guess I am glad if this guy gets to make a splash and make a bit more $.

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                    There are people who do track chefs. This was posted four years ago as part of a long thread. I'm quoting it here since otherwise you wouldnt find it in the thread:

                    "About twenty years ago, my wife knew a bunch of editors at the Asian Wall Street Journal. Every friday, they went out to eat at 6:30 and stayed till almost midnight, eating and drinking in small takes. They seemed to know the whereabouts of every chef in Chinatown. They would always tell us where to go and what the chef's specialties were. Sometimes we'd end up at counter-intuitive spots .. like the China Garden somewhere on the east side. The good places would always change. A place that was great two weeks earlier, might now be ordinary because the chef had moved on. These folks just knew the scene."


                  2. re: pitu

                    yeah, i remember that guy -- but i wasn't convinced that he was "the chef" at world tong. but what do i know?

                  3. Ed Schoenfeld, one of the principals of Chinatown Brasserie, lavishly praised the dim sum at World Tong over on another food board. So it's no surprise.

                    1. Joe Ng, the guy at World Tong, has indeed departed. His repetoire at CB is much smaller, but every bit as good or better. I go there all the time.

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                      1. re: Balok

                        Yup, but the question remains... how is World Tong now? Anyone been in the last several weeks?

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                          i went about four weeks ago and thought it was good but not up to their previous standard, and probably not worth the 45 minute drive for me any more.

                          more greasy, less intense flavor.

                          also, chinatown brasserie has not been getting good reviews it seems.

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                            Thanks b.g. Last time I was there was with you so I guess Ng's presence in the kitchen was crucial. Ideas on other Bklyn dim sum anyone?

                      2. I have noticed a place on Bay Parkway and one on 86th st. Have not been to either but they look like they have potential. Has anyone been to either?

                        1. anyone been to World Tong in the past few weeks?

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                            I went on Saturday (8/26) and the food was as good as ever.

                          2. I went today and the food was at least as good as it had ever been. Sooo great.

                            I'm also not sure that the main chef is the one who left. Who knows?

                            1. I went today. After 3 sets of cold dumplings and a soggy barbecue pork bun we left to grab lunch elsewhere. awful food.

                              1. we went last weekend, and it was outstanding.

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                                  we went today, and it was not very good. not fresh.

                                  well, this place is quite variable, you can say that. i have had outstanding meals there since ng left.