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Jul 14, 2006 01:37 PM

World Tong - Any Change?

My understanding is that the chef at World Tong has "moved on" to Chinatown Brasserie - has anyone noticed any change at World Tong? I was hoping to have dim sum this weekend, but I am a bit leery.

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  1. Oh no, really? I have only been once, last fall, and I was looking forward to going again. Someone please report if you have been recently. When did the chef leave?

    1. i went for the first time ever a couple weeks ago and really loved it for what it's worth. we got mostly dumplings and aside from the slightly too greasy and somewhat cold fried pork version, they were all wonderful--there was a combination pork and shrimp steamed dumpling that was especially fantastic--and if memory serves we also had one with shrimp and greens (i think) that was lovely. we also had some sticky brown rice with greens and bits of pork in it that was nice. i have been plotting to return ever since!

      1. We have been going there for several years now. First caught my eye after having been to Ming Gee - driving by I noticed the same type of Italian marble with Chinese writing and had to check it out. It was easily the best dim sum in Brooklyn, and we were disappointed our secret was out when it was in the News and then the Times. Last time there we did notice a decrease in quality, and I am not suprised to hear this is the reason. However it is still good and we are not ready to give up on it. Seems like there is some fluidity in the business with Ocean Port closing and all, and I am sure it will improve at some point.

        BTW, where is Chinatown Brasserie?

        1. hmm, i have also noticed a dropoff in quality, but it's still not bad. also, some of my favorite dishes were nowhere to be seen (fish balls, or most of the chopped chives/greens-oriented dishes, and the tofu skin wrapped things, as i remember). when did the cheff leave?

          1. Oh no!
            I am of course happy for the chef (that his talent has been recognized), but I am not happy for myself if World Tong starts to suck.
            I might have to go there this week and investigate.