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Jul 14, 2006 01:31 PM

Looking for Upscale and/or Hip Decor with Great Food

We come to NYC several times a year. We are coming in again in July with others who love good food but have aksed us to book at either very upscale or hip/trendy places. I would like the food to be great as well! Price is not really an object, nor is location. We like most kinds of food (Italian, French, Continental, Fusion, etc. but would prefer to stay away from Mexican or Indian). I have combed the board but would welcome some current suggestions!

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  1. If you haven't been to Eleven Madison Park since Chef Daniel Humm took over the kitchen, it should be on your list because the cuisine he is producing is exquisite! While the 3-course prix-fixe is an astonishingly moderate $68, the real way to go is with the tasting dinners, which are more upscale in price.

    A few other newish upscale places to consider:

    Country, in the Carlton Hotel, is the sister restaurant to Town. Same chef: Geoffrey Zakarian.

    Gilt is in the NY Palace, in the space formerly occupied by Le Cirque. Chef Paul Leibrandt heads up the kitchen.

    And speaking of Le Cirque, it has re-opened in new digs on E. 58th St.

    1. Price is not an object? wonderful, hit Per Se and Masa for next-level food!
      not very hip (only corporates can really afford it) but really, what's more
      hip than an unforgetable meal?

      Good Food + Good Scene? (and a little more friendly on your pocket-book)
      1) Sushi Yasuda. Best in town, period. They have some of their fish couriered from Tsukiji (fish market in Tokyo). Don't order off the menu, ask your waiter what's best that day. Trust him. NOTE: Not "American-style sushi" This is Japanese, peroid.
      Go across the street to Sake Gura for a nightcap.

      2) Eleven Madison Park is very good. Classic upscale NY
      Not sure if it's worth the $, though. And not very "hip",
      but in an exceptional space.

      4) AvroKo restaurants always seem to impress.
      I think their best one (in terms of food and atmosphere)
      is Public, but it has an overpriced wine list (but with some excellent
      New Zealand and Aussie selections)

      3) Casual Italian: Peasant on Elisabeth (down the street from Public
      great wine bar downtstairs, as well.

      1. Le Bernardin is not hip but more like a sophisticated restaurant that serves wonderful seafood and very pricey.

        Aureole is another sophisticated restaurant that has great food.

        For Italian, you must go to Babbo. Mario Batali's food is superb and it has a great vibe. If you can't make a reservation in advance, try the sister restaurant Lupa.

        1. Thanks for your help and for the easy links. I love chowhound and will report back!

          1. definitely second babbo or lupa! enjoy.

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              Lupa is one of my favorite place in the city. Great food, but, I don't think this is the upscale and/or hip decor that the OP is looking for.