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Jul 14, 2006 01:27 PM

Wallse or Gramercy Tavern for dessert tonight?

Just for dessert and drinks.
But now that it's restaurant week, maybe dinner too? But then things get complicated... reservations?
Is it easy to just walk in for dessert only later in the evening?
Gramercy Tavern keeps their dessert menu very secret, which is making it hard to decide between the two.

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  1. I prefer the desserts at GT - not that I can remember anything specific, but, much as I love Wallse, their desserts don't usually entice me.

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    1. re: MMRuth

      What enticed me to Wallse was...
      Melanie Wongs description of the Sour Cherry Strudel. It might be too late in the season now though.

      1. re: Ida Red

        Love Wallse but if I were just doing dessert I would probably go to GT.

        I had the sour cherry strudel a few weeks ago at Blau Gans and it was delicious. The atmosphere is a little less upscale than Wallse though. It's the old Le Zinc space. They kept all the posters and it's actually pretty cool. My BF had the Salzburger Nockerl. Also pretty great.

    2. I haven't been to Wallse, but I have had dessert at Blaue Gans. The salzburger nockerl is one of the best desserts I've ever had. I haven't had desserts at Gramercy Tavern, but what I had in the Tavern Room was unmemorable.

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      1. re: Lucia

        I agree with Lucia about GT. We've eaten in the main dining room, and the desserts we were served during our last tasting dinner there were thoroughly disappointing. In fact, as I've noted before on this board, so was that entire meal.

        You might want to consider going to the bar area of Eleven Madison. I've always liked the desserts there, but since the arrival of Chef Daniel Humm, it seems to me that Pastry Chef Nicole Kaplan has been reaching new heights of creativeness in matching his exquisite cuisine. During two meals there within the past few months, I had two different desserts (plus tasting those of my table mates), and they were superb! EMP does not keep the dessert menu a secret. It's on their website, which is always kept up-to-date. :-)

        1. re: Lucia

          I've had the Salzburger Nockerl at Wallse several times and it is the best!