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Food Processors: Kitchenaid vs. Cuisinart

Help! I always assumed that when the amazing day arrived, I would purchase a Cuisinart food processor.

Lately, however, I have been eyeing the Kitchenaid bowl-in-bowl model with excitement. The idea of having a smaller capacity processor within the larger bowl seems too good to pass up.

What do you think? Does anyone have any experience with the Kitchenaid model? Am I being deceived by gimmicks? I don't know anyone that regrets their Cuisinart, but is the Kitchenaid similarly loved?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I have no experience with kitchenaid but I can not rave enough about my Cuisinart. I have 2 sizes A fairly big one and small (not mini) one. Both are over 20 years old and still going strong. I have replaced one bowl due a crack that was totally my fault. I have not replaced any of the blades and they are still as sharp as when I first bought them.

    Whatever you go with make sure to buy 1 or 2 extra bowls. If you are using it a lot it is nice not to have to clean it out between jobs.

    1. I was the owner of one of the first Cuisinarts when they became available in the U.S. However, I have switched to the Kitchenaid processor and am very happy with it for a number of reasons, the first of which is that small bowl. It is great for making things like marinades and salad dressings that use garlic, shallots, ginger, green onions and other small items that are difficult to process in a large working bowl. The Kitchenaid is also made by the original maker of the Cuisinart, Robot Coupe, a firm that I trust.

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        Ditto. I replaced my Cuisinart with a KA and have never regretted it.

      2. I have owned 2 Cuisinarts in 25 years. The first was damaged in a house fire and promptly replaced. I am getting ready to buy a new one and since my mother managed to burn her bowl in bowl Kitchenaid out in an amazingly short time with no interest from them in helping her get it repaired I will stick with Cuicinart. I do have a Krups mini processor so the bowl in bowl would have little appeal to me anyway.

        1. Like others, I don't have a Kitchenaid, but I love my Cuisinart dearly. I say, if it aint's broke don't fix it--stick with Cuisinart!

          1. I am another happy owner of the bowl-in-bowl KitchenAid and have never had a problem with it. I find it exceedingly easy to use, and if this is your first processor and you don't already have a mini one, you'll be taking care of both needs at once without taking up any extra counter space.

            1. I agree with Nancy re: RobotCoupe and the French-manufacture of the current KA food processor. My original RobotCoupe was retired a couple of years ago only because sourcing a new work bowl was problematic. The KA is rock-solid and powerful.The mini-bowl looked gimicky to me but it works nicely. The main probelms I have with the Cuisineart is that its Chinese-made(and very plasticky)and the work bowl safety interlock is too complicated and possibly break-prone. KA all the way.

              1. I have owned both a Cuisinart and KitchenAid and liked them both. The Cuisinart finally bit the dust after 20+ years and I replaced it with the KA mostly because I could get a really, really good deal on it. I have not regretted that purchase at all and find that I am actually using it much more frequently than I did the Cuisinart. Both are great machines, I think it's justa matter of preferrence. FWIW, I don't use the small bowl within a bowl as much as I thought I would when I purchased the machine, tho' it is a very handy feature.

                1. I adore my cuisinart! I use it several times a week. It is fairly new...looks like brushed stainless. I just throw it in the DW to clean (except for the blades).

                  1. Thanks for asking this question, sloped. I've been in the exact same position for about a week--about to order the Kitchen Aid because of the additional mini-bowl, but held back because I think maybe I should get a Cuisinart. I'm still leaning towards the Kitchen Aid--those of us who have smaller living spaces really can't resist a 2-in-one product, unless it doesn't work.

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                      with just 2 of us in the house I tend to use the small bowl in the KA processor to make sauces and to chop small things. even though I use the small bowl more I feel the device as a whole is fabulous.

                      - P.

                    2. There was episode of America's Test Kitchen that tested these, and they leaned towards the KA model (with the smaller bowl insert), but said that if you like making breads / baking more the Cuisinart model (with the dough button?) was better.

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                        Another KA bowl in bowl here, love it.

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                          I saw the same episode. I've owned my cuisinart for 3 years. It works beautifully, but I wouldn't buy it again. It has a safety feature where the machine won't work unless the stopper on top is inserted. Highly inconvenient. Go for the pro model Cuisinart or head over the KitchenAid.

                        2. Thank you all so much for the replies. I think I am going to go with the KA since it seems to be well liked and a good deal. I can't wait!

                          1. We have both and I love the Power of the KA much better. Bowl in Bowl is unbeatable and lots more attachments. Fav is the Parmesan grater.

                            1. I've got an 11 cup KA with the small bowl. I also find the small bowl to be very useful. There seem to be better deals to be had with KA.

                              I don't know how the Cuisinart could be any better at kneading bread, the KA works fine for small batches - I usually use my KA mixer for larger batches

                              1. I like the Cuisinart food processors a lot, but I adore my Robot Coupe R2.

                                It is a very old model from the early 70's but it is still the bomb! Powerful, easy to use, and versatile. And yes, they still sell many many different disks.

                                I bought mine from a used restaurant supply store for only $50.

                                1. I am eyeballing a food processor for purchase, and knew to look at these two brands. This discussion is great for me - I think I'll go with the KA as it is my first and several have mentioned the convenience of two bowl sizes.

                                  Is the KA discussed here the model: KFP750, description: 12-Cup Work Bowl, 4 Cup Mini Bowl and Mini Blade? For about $250?


                                  1. I received a 10 cup Oster food processor for xmas. It is being returned today. It absolutely refuses to turn on. (I've made sure everything was "locked" down, etc) It has this crappy "touch pad" for the on/off/pulse buttons that my engineer hubby has concluded is defective.

                                    I won't be getting another Oster.

                                    1. Since neither Cuisinart or KA are the same companies anymore, I would go for the Viking, which also has the smaller 3 cup bowl, plus a higher post in the middle, so liquids don't spill out.

                                      1. We have owned a KA for about 20 years now and love it. We have 2 friends with C's. We love to hear bitch about the safety issues and watching their other guests try to use it without a lesson. One has since switched to KA and loves it. The other bought another C. She curses us every-time she comes over.

                                        1. I bought a kitchen aid from costco and because I wanted a larger one I did take it back. I read up on the matter and then bought a cuisinart. WOW what a difference in the sound. The cuisinart was so quite compare to the kitchen aid. I haven't really used the cuisinart all that much yet but all I can say is that I paid double the price for the cuisinart for only a couple cups difference. I was thinking about taking it back thinking to myself why on earth did I buy this at twice the price... that was until I used it. :) Yes it is so much nicer to use then the kitchenaid. This one is a keeper!!