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Jul 14, 2006 12:55 PM

Chapter 11 - quick review

Enjoyed a steamy snack last night on the back patio of a new little pub-restaurant called "Chapter 11" - it's on Parliament, just north of the new and nasty Tim Hortons at Winchester. I'm always excited by a new restaurant in the 'hood..but never have high hopes for this location (many spots have fizzled out quickly!)..Anyway, the menu is pretty light (salads, apps, sandwiches, burgers)..apparently they will have specials once they get their act together....several nice beer on tap. I had a "bonito" sandwich - pemeal BLT on a grilled bun..very homey tasting..needed some hot mustard I think. Yukon gold fries were thick and yummy..they also have sweet potato fries (but I was too full after the beer)..burgers smelled great..wings looked nice too...want to go back for the calamari before summer is over...check it out...hopefully it will stay around for more than a few months!

oops - I guess that review wasn't so quick after all...

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  1. I'm skeptical of a restaurant that opens their doors and then posts a sign in the window "Experienced Cook Wanted". You'd think they'd lock that up first. Perhaps that's why the menu's small. I suspect the owner is multi-tasking. I'd still appreciate updates as you try the menu. I'll probably do the same despite my misgivings. All new places in the neighbourhood are welcome.

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      yes, that was off-putting to me as well - and you are right - the owner did seem to be multi-tasking (albeit doing a pretty good job!)The place was quite busy, so the 2 staff were doing a lot of running! Happy to post again the next time I visit..

      1. re: redhead

        The owner could also be the chef, and the help wanted could simply mean he's bitten off more than he could chew in the kitchen, or previous work commitments fell through.