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Jul 14, 2006 12:50 PM

Queso in Manhattan?

Does it exist? Recently got back from Austin, TX and am craving it in a big way.

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  1. What you are looking for does not exist in NYC. The good news is Rotel Tomatoes are becoming very easy to find.

    1. Sorry, excuse my ignorance. Are you looking for Mexican-style fresh cheese (sometimes referred to as 'bathtub cheese') or some restaurant called Queso or something else?

      1. Queso as in the melted cheese that you'd dip into with chips. I read on an Outer Boroughs board that Lobo in Cobble Hill has queso but it's basically melted Velveta. Doesn't sound promising....

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        1. re: PeteinDumbo

          Like the flourescent viscous stuff they pour on stadium nachos? If so, doesn't Velveeta make it authentic?

          1. re: PeteinDumbo

            Lobo does a very cheap version of Queso. Most places in Texas use velveta and rotel tomatoes. Lobo uses a cheap waxy knock off version of velveta and salsa, the result is rather bad.

          2. the stuff ubiquitous down there, but virtually impossible to find in NYC--
            Mexican Radio downtown has something that sounds suspiciously like it though:

            "Rajas en Cerzeva: a bubbling Mexican fondue mixed with Dos XX, onions, and strips of poblano peppers, served with a side of homemade tortilla chips"

            haven't tried the place....

            1. A good version at Centrico. Not sure if it's a special or on the regular menu.