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Jul 14, 2006 12:32 PM

Restaurant X next weekend...

Going for my birthday, along with other good eating friends, and have never been before. Any suggestions on must haves/must avoid would be most appreciated. Many thanks

Nancy C.

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  1. Everything is really good. Oysters are yummy as is the shrimp, both priced by the piece.
    For main course, the beef wellington is great, be sure to make sure they know how you like the beef prepared.
    The lamb is wonderful as is the hanger steak if they have it.
    If you like tuna be sure to order it, we think it is wonderful.
    Most of the dishes are good so, order what suits your mood.
    have a happy

    1. Thanks so very much! Sounds like more a problem of choosing than anything else. Follow my taste buds sounds like good advice. Appreciate your RSVP.

      Nancy C.