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Jul 14, 2006 12:16 PM

Corned Beef Hash @ S & W Country Diner, Culver City; A Review. [long]

Based on a mention on the LA Board a few weeks ago, a group of 5 descended on S & W [Sam and Woody's] Country Diner to try their Corned Beef Hash. S & W was noted as having not only good homemade hash but offered a canned version as well.

We arrived around 9:30 after the breakfast rush; followed procedure signed in on the list, and waited to be called to our table. But the wait staff was low energy at that point and not paying too much attention and another group who came after us, stole the table we were slated for and we had to wait another 20 minutes until a table could be acquired.

The diner, while not overly small is always busy enough to seem crowded. Large vinyl booths line the walls and one of the rooms has a counter. To add to the environment, there is a lot of kitsch consisting of old ad posters and memorabilia on the walls.

We were all there for the corned beef hash, so we promptly ordered from their build a breakfast menu:

1: Homemade Hash with eggs over easy and biscuits and gravy. The hash was excellent, eggs cooked properly and the biscuit was not really a biscuit it was more of a biscuit cake and the gravy was milk gravy perfectly thick enough and flavorful but the person ordering was hoping for sausage gravy which this wasn't it

2: Homemade Hash with basted eggs and a waffle. This is the first time some of us had come across basted eggs. They looked a little surreal. The white was fully cooked since it was steamed with a cover on top of the grill and the yolk was pristine offering up its golden goodness to mix with the hash. I will be ordering my eggs this way next time. As for the waffle, it was almost two inches thick and was the size of the plate. While I didn't try it, the waffle looked really good and there were no complaints from the one ordering.

3: Homemade hash with poached eggs and grits. The grits were adorned with a little butter salt and pepper and offered a nice contrast to the flavorful hash. As for the poached eggs this was the one thing they did wrong. The eggs were hard poached not soft poached. When asked they rectified it, but it might be better to specify when ordering.

4: Homemade hash with eggs sunny-side up, sliced tomato and an Arnold Palmer. Done right and the Tomato looked like a beefsteak which was beautiful and in season, though not an heirloom.

5: Canned hash with poached eggs and hash browns. Yes, I ordered this. I admit it. I like canned better if it is done right. The texture is perfect combination of a crispy exterior and a creamy interior. Then there is the slight metallic taste that reminds me of the rare Sundays when my Dad would break out a can of Hormel, spread it out on a cast iron skillet and let it cook to perfection and served up with eggs over easy and have all those textures and flavors mix together to become an incredible treat. The hash browns were great. It was the second best thing we had. Fried Crispy until they were golden brown and delicious. As an accoutrement to the browns, there were six different hot sauces on the table Tabasco, Cholula, two kinds of El Yucateco plus 2 others I can't remember. But beware, someone has removed the plastic cover from some of the bottles, so portion control of some of these sauces is damn near impossible

I also ordered a homemade hash with scrambled eggs to go for my SO, so she would not be mad at me for setting up this event while she was at work. The food did travel well in the styrofoam container to her.

Each of the meals worked out to be around $7.50 + tip and it seems to be a policy that everyone gets a separate check there which made it easy for us. Beware though it is cash only, but they seem to have aprons hanging on the wall if you want to join the kitchen staff and work off the meal. ;-)

If you like corned beef hash, this is a great place to go. But, you might want to ask before you wait for a table if they have the Hash because I have heard rumors they have run out. Also their pancakes and oatmeal are very good.

S & W Country Diner
9748 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232-2722
(310) 204-5136

Take care

- P.

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  1. Nice post. I have to say, they would have lost me with the stolen table. Glad you persisted and reported back.

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    1. re: David Kahn

      Yeah, they lost me with one day of horribly bad service...its like they didn't even want to serve me or something....I had been a few times with no problem but the last time was so unforgiveably bad I won't go despite this nice review. food was not bad for a breakfast diner though and i did like the corned beef hash.

    2. This was a great morning Chowing; Mme ZoeZ was pleased to introduce basted eggs to the event but wants to comment that her cb hash and eggs were great but the waffle was not crisp nor tasty enough to finish. My grits were really good particularly with a little of Cecilia's gravy on the top!

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      1. re: ZoeZ

        is the gravy sausage or pork based one/ thanks.

        1. re: kevin

          Actually it was neither, It was the milk gravy. it had a hint of sausage flavor but no real sausage

      2. Some folks consider this to be a comfort breakfast food. Not me. My Mom used to make tacos from canned corned beef when times were tough. So I expected no magic when Patrick wanted to try both canned and fresh. But the home-made hash was the best (and the only) fresh hash I’ve ever tasted. It was small dice corned beef with minced onion and a smidgeon of finely shredded carrots(?!) cooked to a barely crispy stage to make a meaty flavorful dish. Breakfast included eggs, choice of : hash browns, cottage fries, a waffle, grits, biscuit (gravy extra) 6.95. Cash only.

        Limited street parking and there can be a long line outside, but I’d return in a jiff. Next time to try the omelet happy-hour. Half priced from 7-8 am and 10-11am, weekdays only.
        S&W Country Diner
        9748 Washington Blvd
        Culver City, CA 90232
        (310) 204-5136


        1. i'm defintiely going there again.

          actually a post on s and w country diner and the fact that it had Homemade Corned beef Hash was one of the very very very 1st posts I ever read on chowhound.

          a return visit is now in store espeically since they also have grits too. wasn't avware of that before.

          1. I really like S&W. As the poster and others mentioned, in addition to their corned beef hash their eggs are carefully cooked to order, the pancakes are tasty and hearty, and the place is an excellent value. It is also true that with their sign-in procedure, someone from your party needs to keep an eye out on your potential table or another aggressive customer can scarf it.