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Jul 14, 2006 11:58 AM

Dec trip to Ottawa from Spain - Help with restaurants - specially asian


I will be in Ottawa (well, Kanata) for 11 days around this Christmas 06 with my wife and baby visiting family. I really need your help finding the best restaurants in Ottawa. We love thai, vietnamese, malaysian, japanese authentic food. I haven ́t been in Canada for a long time, I have researched the web and I kind off came up with what seems to be the most acclaimed ones, but there is always someone who had an awful experience. Here is the list, I would appreciate any comments, or additions to it:

THAI: Siam Kitchen, Green Papaya, Sweet Basil, Bangkok Noodle House (Noodles), Sukhothai, Coriander Thai, Siam Bistro, Nokham.

VIETNAMESE: Vietnam Palace, Cam Kong, Pho Mi Bo Ga

MALAYSIAN: Chahaya Malaysia


JAPANESE: Wasabi, Genji, A taste of Japan, Kinki, Sushi 88

CHINESE: Yangtze, Shanghai

OTHER: Merlot, Sante, L'Orée du Bois, Big Daddy's Crab Shack

Sorry for so much info, please keep in mind that I might manAge to go out for lunch-diner only 5-7 times!

Many thanks,

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  1. I used to live in Ottawa a couple of years ago, so this may be dated...but, here are my recs for asian food:

    THAI: Royal Thai - great tom yum soup and curries

    VIETNAMESE: Cam Kong - great for rice and dry noodle dishes, but not for pho; Pho Mi Bo Ga - good pho place, but i think they went downhill after change of ownership; for pho, there a place across the street from Cam Kong, just a little further west that just sells pho, and is awesome...just can't remember the name

    MALAYSIAN: haven't had any

    KOREAN: Korean food in Ottawa is terrible. Full stop.

    JAPANESE: Wasabi - good, but expensive; Kinki - fusion japanese - i thought it was not terribly good, and overpriced

    CHINESE: Yangtze - probably the best in Ottawa. They also have great dim sum there!

    Have fun in Ottawa!

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      1. THAI: Green Papaya, Sweet Basil,Coriander Thai

        VIETNAMESE: Pho Mi Bo Ga, Pho Tu Do

        MALAYSIAN: Chahaya Malaysia

        KOREAN: Arum on bank and Catherine

        JAPANESE: Wasabi, Kinki, Sushi 88

        CHINESE: Yangtze, Shanghai

        OTHER: roses cafe (indian)

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        1. re: Loverof food

          I have only been to Coriander a couple of times, but was not impressed either eating in or taking out -- the flavors are not distinct or fresh in the curries (red curry chicken and yellow curry duck -- canned pineapple in that one, I think) and the Pad Thai was also really flavorless and possibly had some kind of tomato product in it(ketchup?). I much prefer Khao Thai in the Byward Market -- setting, service, and flavor are far superior.

        2. My favorite Thai restaurant is the Siam Bistro. I have also had two very good but very hot meals at Anna's. The Dim Sum at the Yangtze is good and very popular (the dining room is huge and bland though). For other I love Juniper, Fitzgerald's (Almonte- 30min west of Kanata) and Castlegarth (White Lake- 45 min west of Kanata, between Arnprior and Calabogie). Happy eating!

          1. Not a 'special' or pricy place buy I recall having a wonderful and faily inexpensive meal at:
            So Good Restaurant