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Jul 14, 2006 11:26 AM

Any suggestions near South Street Seaport

We will be walking from the World Trade Path Station to a museum near South Street Seaport and back tomorrow. Does anyone have any suggestions for an early supper near the Seaport? We are open to any kind of food but don't want anything high-end or touristy. Thank you. Meagan

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  1. Try Financier for a light supper and sublime pastries or Adrienne's for pizza and sit out on Stone Street.

    1. Not too touristy, how about Cabana Nuevo Latino--


      Salud at Front is another option, but at that time you'd have better views/atmosphere at Cabana.

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        Agree with Cabana. I've enjoyed good meals here.

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          Second the Quartino suggestion. Not far from your route (closer than the Stone Street suggestions)and well-prepared food in a relaxed, huge-windowed restaurant.

        2. I know its too late for this trip, but to put in my two cents, don't go to Cabana! I've been there three times and had a bad meal each time. The first time I had the chicharones which were hairier than Robin Williams and wings that were drowning in a jerk sauce. The second time was a very muchy ropa vieja and the third time was a chicken and rice dish swimming in a brown gravy that suspiciously tasetd like the Heinz gravy from a jar.
          Try Quartino for a some really good Ligurian Italian food. Small menu but, very tasty. The fish special is usually good as well as the tuna salad with potatoes and green beans. Salud is a great Latin/tapas place and just about everything on the menu is really good. Les Halles is my favorite place. Check out the hangar steak and the best frites in Manhattan. I've found that most of the restaurants at Pier 17 are just skating by, hoping to round up the tourist bucks.