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Jul 14, 2006 08:37 AM

More Croatia

Looking for restaurant suggestions on Trogir (1 night), Brac (2 nights), and Hvar (4 nights). A mix of splurges and hole-in-the-wall finds would be great. We'll be there the first week of August. Thanks!

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  1. Ack! I posted in such a rush! CROATIA!! Sorry for the spelling error!

    1. In Brac - Taverna Riva, located along the water's edge, near the Hotel Kastil. Excellent food. If you can, order 'octopus under the bell' a day in advance - magnificent, the flesh was so firm and tender and succulent. The roasted vegetables and rich sauce, so good. The owner wine recommendation were right on. I also like Gust - located one street, across from the entrance to the Hotel Kastil. The lobster salad, the salted sardines, the mussels, the steak - all very good - the only thing I would steer clear of is their house wine. If you're tooling around the island - there is a wonderful restaurant on the other side of the island called Toni,, near Postire. One of the owner's brought out a octopus draped over his arm asking us if we would like to start with it for lunch (YES


      In Hvar Grad - the Golden Shell, Macondo and Menego,, are all good choices. You'll want to make reservations at Macondo - it 's very popular. There is a wonderful restaurant in Pitve called Knoba Dvor Dubokovic - the views looking out over vineyards towards Brac are mesmerizing. East of Jelsa in the abandoned village of Humac is Knoba Humac - incredible lamb, strong Plavic wine, fruity olive oil - a true Croatian experience.

      Can't help with Trogir because I'm going this September.

      As for fish - scorpino and orada are my faves.

      1. O.K., we went to Croatia a number of years ago, but one of our more memorable meals of the trip was on Hvar at a place called Paradise. It's probably still there. It was up a small lane on a hill. We sat in a romatic garden and everything was delicious. Plus, the owner offered us some home-made honey wine after dinner.

        However, overall we were not that impressed with Croatian food--at least not the places we went in the tourist areas. I'm sure if you go far off the beaten track you would get some good country food.

        1. Just got back from Croatia. Had two great meals in Hvar - at the Golden Shell and Macando. The rabbit in olive sauce at Golden Shell and shellfish risotto (not so much a real risotto, and very flavorful saucy rice) at Macando were excellent.

          1. Not impressed with Croatian food? My best food memories are from there! The seafood is the freshest it can ever be. I bet the fish in the restaurants was caught just 2 hours before serving and it is cooked so simple with just olive oil, garlic and parsley. Where can you eat fresher and better?

            I am late to answer the original post, but i recommend Pape in Hvar town, near the harbor, where the Jadrolinja ferries leave. I wish I was there.

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              Our trip was actually postponed til the end of the month/early September and because it has been shortened we are staying on Hvar the entire time. Will def check out Pape, thanks!

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                My husband and I were in Croatia in May. In Hvar, we really enjoyed Macondo but also enjoyed Restaurant Luna (a few blocks away) even more. I am still dreaming about the gnocchi with truffles.

                Be sure to visit the market in the morning. There is a wonderful store there called "Deliciae Meditteranea" that sells wonderful oils and cheese. There is a bakery next door that sells freshly baked bureks. You can also see the small market with produce and there is an inside room where the ladies sell freshly caught fish.

                If you have time, you can take the catamaran from Hvar to Korcula (about an hour) where I have other restaurant recommendations.