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Jul 14, 2006 08:27 AM

BBQ near Union Station

Is Spring St. BBQ the closest BBQ near Union Station?

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  1. I think so.

    if you need a review, albeit and old one here it is:

    Take Care


    1. BBQ King is pretty close on Ceasar Chavez just East of Figueroa

        1. re: Hershey Bomar

          I second that comment! Far Far away! Slow Slow Slow Slow Slow as mollasses Service!

        2. Nick's up on Spring not too far north of Union Station is known for superlative ham, has a big U-shaped counter and a few tables, and is a favorite cop hangout. They used to do BBQ a day or two a week, Wednesdays and either Tues or Thurs too. Not great, but superior to BBQ King (overpriced, long waits) and Spring Street (have never heard a good word about it).

          Does Nick's still do this? I remember them offering tri-tip and a couple of other choices as a lunch special.

          1. i think spring st. smokehouse is just fine for that part of town. it may not have the "charm" of BBQ kiing, but the food is consistently more cared for.
            Also, I think their roasted veggie side is one of the few perfect things i've had asa side at a bbq place - they're very spicy AND they're vegetables! it's like i get to feel good and be good!
            i've had the pulled pork sandwich w/ spicy sauce a couple times and while it didn't blow me away w/ amazing flavor, it wasn't that many notches below woody's or philips and is severeal notches above in terms of convenience