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Jul 14, 2006 06:30 AM

Just over the border...where to go?

We'll be driving into Quebec from Stowe, Vermont. Any recommendations for chow just north of the border (say within an hour or so?).


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  1. What route do you plan to take?

    1. If you're driving up 89, Montreal is about an hour away so there would plenty to chose from.

      1. Whatever you do, get yourself some poutine. Ask a local, they'll direct you.


        1. Montreal is apprx.1 hr from the border. So tell us what kind of chow you're looking for! Loads of good choices.
          (I agree that you should ask a local where to get a good poutine in any particular area you happen to be in; not all poutines are great.)

          1. If memory serves, that Adirondak Adventures show on the Plattsburg PBS station once travelled to a grease joint just north of Lake Champlain for poutine. It could have been in Noyan, Clarenceville or Bedford. Hopefully, this will spark someone else's memory.