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Just over the border...where to go?

We'll be driving into Quebec from Stowe, Vermont. Any recommendations for chow just north of the border (say within an hour or so?).


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  1. What route do you plan to take?

    1. If you're driving up 89, Montreal is about an hour away so there would plenty to chose from.

      1. Whatever you do, get yourself some poutine. Ask a local, they'll direct you.


        1. Montreal is apprx.1 hr from the border. So tell us what kind of chow you're looking for! Loads of good choices.
          (I agree that you should ask a local where to get a good poutine in any particular area you happen to be in; not all poutines are great.)

          1. If memory serves, that Adirondak Adventures show on the Plattsburg PBS station once travelled to a grease joint just north of Lake Champlain for poutine. It could have been in Noyan, Clarenceville or Bedford. Hopefully, this will spark someone else's memory.

            1. You don't say what kind of chow you're looking for. If it's high-endish stuff, head for the east side of Lake Memphremagog:

              Table Tourigny
              4822 Chemin Georgeville
              Canton de Standstead, QC
              819 868-2894

              For details, search this board using Tourigny as your search string.

              1. Hi again,

                I'll probably take 89, though we could also take 91. I'm not sure I want to venture into Montreal; it might be more fun to wander around smaller towns. We're not looking for high-end dining, but some good French bistro fare would be great. Or Canadian specialties...or both. We'll be looking for lunch and dinner. Thanks!

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                  You'll be hard-pressed to find french bistro fare in small towns. I would look into the more touristy smalls town for hope of a halfway decent meal (say Frelighsburgh, Knowlton, Dunham). St-Jean d'Iberville is a larger town in the area, there's probably a couple of good options there (check previous threads, I vaguely remember one on St-Jean). There's also a Swiss place by the roadside about 10 minutes north of the border coming from the 89, but I've never dared to stop.

                2. If it's the place I'm thinking about, I think it's in Noyan where Fritz Kaiser makes good swiss type cheeses.


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                    Actually, it's not. It's Restaurant La Suisse, on route 133 in Pike river.

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                      The name of the place is Rest-O-Vieux Poele . Very good pizza, poutine with home fry, steak and seafood, fish and chips and more. located on route 202 in Noyan(5minute from Kaiser) before crossing the bridge to enter in Lacolle. 1411 bord de l'eau N 450-294-3284

                    2. A few other recommendations in the eastern townships area between Vermont and Montreal:

                      In the North Hatley area: Ripplecove Inn and Auberge Hatley
                      In Georgeville: Maison McGowan
                      In Magog: la table tourigny

                      You can also check the quebec tourism web-site for other restos along your route, and detials on the above spots. I haven't tried any of the Quebec vineyard spots, but that could be interesting.

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                        Auberge Hatley burned to the ground last spring and the owners recently decided not to rebuild.

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                          Brain freeze! I meant Hovey Manor... best alternative to Hatley now that it is no longer.

                          BTW, despite the Germain's groups claims that they will rebuild, the scuttlebut among the locals is that business hadn't been great and they doubt it will be rebuilt. Anyone heard otherwise?

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                            They annouced a couple of weeks ago that they would not rebuild as it would be too expansive to rebuild to meet Relais et Châteaux's standards.

                      2. Just over the border at pike river( about 5 miles north of 89)
                        Take a right turn towards a small town call Bedford.A place called "Barry" great for burgers and Poutine! IF on a weakend It can get very busy at the border crossing- Last Sunday was a 3 hour wait.
                        Good luck

                        1. I never cross the border on the main highways. I rather chose to make a detour and drive to a village, it's much faster. On the Confederation week-end, we were heading towards Lacolle on our way back to Montreal when we heard there was a 2 hour wait. We ended up rossing at Rouses Point-St-Bernard and we were the only car there. From there, it takes less than 10 minutes to get to highway 15.

                          1. Thanks for all the suggestions. We'll be going into Quebec on a Monday, so hopefully we'll avoid the long lines at the border...but I do like the idea of taking a detour off the main highway and crossing over on a smaller road. Thanks for the idea!

                            1. In Lacolle, a few minutes north of the border on the 221, theres a greek restaurant called Brocheterie Pharos.
                              As far as Chow goes, it isn't exactly epiphany, but to ad-lib johnnyboy, you'd be hard pressed to find choworthy joints in many of these small towns.
                              Anyway, this place serves ok Greek plates at reasonable prices. What makes it different is the seting - its in a church, plus it has a bar.
                              Different for sure.

                              About 25 miles east of the 15, in Hinchinbrooke, you'll find the Rockburn Pub. I don't know if you should make a special trip here, but if you're in the neck of the woods, definitely stop in.
                              This is a Chow joint.
                              Not necessarily for the food, not for the atmosphere, not for the beer (its an Irish pub), but possibly for a combination of all three which makes it a bit of a gem. Plus, as you walk in and sit down, you can't help wondering "what is this place doing in Hinchinbrooke

                              Let us know of your adventures!

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                                The original post you're replying to is from 2006. I'm assuming the OP has long long since been here...

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                                  Bamboozled again!
                                  vitavi111 bumped it up and I wasn't paying attention as usual...

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                                    Unless he's still waiting in line at the border! =P

                              2. We went through the border last night, a Sunday evening, and there was absolutely no one going through at Noyau. Easy as pie to get through and not really out of the way.