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Best Chocolate Dessert in DC

We've been out for great meals in DC only to be disappointed by the desserts. Can you reccommend any great chocolate desserts in the metro area?

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  1. For awhile, Vidalia had a chocolate tasting dessert with four miniature chocolate goodies (ice cream, mousse, etc). I'm not sure if they still offer it, but even if not, their skill with chocolate is tried and true.

    I'd also recommend bittersweet ice cream at Thomas Sweet. There's nothing like it.

    1. The lack of response on this thread has been disappointing to me...I was anxiously awaiting some tasty treats to try...

      1. Try the fondue at The Melting Pot. Fabulous.

        1. Turkish Coffee Chocolate Cake at Zaytinya.

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            NoVaDog, I have this recipe for Turkish Coffee Chocolate if you're interested. Got it at the 2003 Rising Star Chef Revue, where Steve Klc was making it. I think I got back in his line three times.

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              I'd certainly love to have it. You can post it on Home Cooking or you can send me an e-mail. Just look up my profile.

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                  Sure! I'll post it on Home Cooking right now.

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                    J, send me an e-mail (see my profile) if it was removed from Home Cooking before you saw it.

              1. The chocolate daquoise at Kinkeads is always good.

                1. Not sure if they still have it, but the Scharffen-Barger pot du chocolat at Mendocino Grill is great.

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                    I will second that, although it is so rich and dense there was no way I could finish it with just one person.

                    For something a little bit different, I was recently wowed by the Glazed Bittersweet Chocolate Cheesecake at Vermillion in Old Town Alexandria; perfectly bittersweet with a crumbly, hazelnutty crust and Grand Marnier sauce. Yum.

                  2. Not all chocolate, but one of my favorite DC desserts are the churros with hot chocolate at Ceiba. Oyamel also did up great churros and chocolate when they were in Crystal City; can't think of why, when they re-open in Penn Quarter, that won't be the same.

                    1. Ditto, Ell Gee - I'd love that recipe as well.

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                        Check out Home Cooking, Alphie -- it's there!

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                          Sorry Alphie, the recipe was deleted from Home Cooking -- copyright infringement, apparently. If it was removed before you got a look, send me a note (see my profile) and I'll e-mail it to you.

                        2. The "Kit Kat Bars" at both Citronelle and Corduroy are probably my favorite chocolate desserts anywhere. Could the student's version be even better than the Master's?

                          On the other end of the refinement scale, the battered, fried and sugar sprinkled Snickers at Eamonn's are awfully good and decadent.

                          1. David Greggory offers a chocolate dessert called Cloud-in-a-Pudding : "A Cup of Dark Chocolate Pudding with Mascarpone, Warm Chocolate Sauce, Whipped Cream and Cookie Crumbles."


                            1. I really love the chocolate cake and banana dessert at Cafe Atlantico.

                              At Komi, the doughnut holes come with chocolate to dip them in. I just love them!

                              1. I thought the "deconstructed s'mores" at Cafe Mozu was outstanding. It seemed more like a souffle than s'mores, but great nonetheless.

                                1. "Coffee and Doughnuts" at Notti Bianche. Oh my....SO good. Little hot sugared doughnut holes oozing warm nutella. Paired with a dish of gelato swimming in espresso.


                                  1. You can find Zaytinya's Turkish Coffee Chocolate recipe here (as well as other area chef's recipes from the 2003 StarChefs Revue): www.starchefs.com/chefs/rising_stars/...

                                    By the way, I highly recommend the StarChef review. The 2006 one is Dec. 13.

                                    1. I am a fan of the Flourless Chocolate Waffle at Carlyle (and other GAR spots). Mmmmmm.

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                                        I am a fan of GAR spots in general, but the flourless chocolate dessert has become so widespread that I can't get excited for them.

                                        I know it's a chain, but I had some molten chocolate dessert at Fleming's steakhouse in Tyson's a few weeks ago that was really quite amazing. I couldn't believe how good it was. In fact I found the restaurant to exceed my expectations quite a bit from start to finish.