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Jul 14, 2006 03:47 AM

looking for great burritos near Grand Central Station

I'm partial to the steamed style, a la Anna's Taqueria in the Boston area. I'm hoping to find a place relatively near Grand Central Station, for lunch.

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  1. i'm drawing a blank on any holes in the wall, but there's always burritoville - 43rd 3/lex. not great, but servicable - and free chips and salsa!

    1. Nothing like Anna's in NYC. Your best bet by far around Grand Central is Chipotle. Here are a few other suggestions for decent places elsewhere in the city:

      Pio Maya: Probably the best burrito in the city, despite the fact that it's a knife-and-fork affair, and you have to ask them to put the guacamole and cheese inside. 8th btw 6th and 5th Aves.

      Cosmic Cantina: Rediscovering this place, which is probably the most like Anna's, but not as good. 3rd at 13th.

      Kitchen Market: Stick with the three-cheese SF burrito, and make sure you specifically ask them to add salsa, hot sauce, sour cream, etc.

      I personally think Uncle Moe's, Fresco Tortilla, and Burritoville are all generally awful. One tip though: if you have to eat at the last, try either the Route 66 or the Mexican, with refried beans and no rice. Not a mission-style burrito -- more like taco bell -- but surprisingly tasty...

      1. none of those places are near grand central ?!!? grand central is 42 n lex

        1. near grand central - this place called tequillaville - its across the street from one of the 4 sides of grand central (42 and vanderbilt) ..their bar b q chicken burrito is pretty good..
          i heard calico jacks is good tex mex type food as well .. thas on 42 and 2nd (next to mcfaddens- great happy hour drinks prices there) !

          1. There's Rio Grande on 38th between Lex & Third (closer to Third). I'm not much of a burrito fan, I'm more of a taco girl, but I actually do like the burritos at Rio Grande. If you're not terrified of the MASSIVE buffalo they have over the bar, it's a good place to eat.