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Jul 14, 2006 03:40 AM

New place: La Galleria 33 in North End (and Pace's is open)

New restaurant i the former Marcuccio's space on Salem Street. Italian food, with no apparent leaning to any region. Menu appears Terra Mia-like. Just opened today. Prices: mid to high teens for antepasti/apps; primi/pasta dishes i the low 20s (half orders in the teens), secondi/main courses in the $30s. Love to hear about it if someone eats there.

BTW, J Pace's in the North End has reopened for quite a bit.

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  1. Hmmm. The private dining room at 33 Restaurant in the Back Bay is called "La Galleria." Wonder if they're the owners.

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    1. re: Bostonbob3

      I hear that the owners are the same as those of L'Osteria.

    2. I stopped in at Pace last night. Pretty much a duplicate of the original...full assortment of Italian cold cuts/ cheeses and Italian specialties...few hot prepared items.

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        Any idea if they brought back the "bulk" spices (packaged in decent sized containers and I preferred slightly to Polcari's) and do they have much espresso coffee in 1kg packages? (Saugus is so-so on this and MGH is awful.) Otherwise sounds like a big improvement over the MGH store which took a bit turn for prepared foods.

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          Didn't notice; but I'll check next trip..probably next week.

      2. I've missed Pace's and will have to get over and have some of that fun interaction with the staff. I always learn something new when I shop there.

        I love their Pepato cheese. I believe it is a Sicilian Pecorino with peppercorns throughout. They always ask if we want them to grate it but we actually shave it and serve it for nibbles with wine.

        1. As for La Galleria, it really does look very nice, despite the whole fake ancient fresco thing which to me always looks a little silly. It reminds me more of the other new place, La Brace, b/c of the emphasis on grilled meats--there's actually relatively little pasta, only a couple dishes. (A couple menu misspellings, which always bugs me--eg "ricotta solada" and worse, "Bolognaise.") Some interesting-sounding dishes: Grilled lobster stuffed with ziti, spinach and lobster cream; grilled rack of lamb with artichoke-heart arancini; tartufo for dessert, which I'm only beginning to see around here. Briefly chatted w/ the owner, and she seemed very kind.

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          1. re: tatamagouche

            The items on their menu look a little more elaborate than La Brace's (and seem to be priced accordingly). BTW, have you tried La Brace yet? Enjoyed my meal there but am eager to see how other other things on the menu are and how others think about it.

          2. Not yet, but your positive post makes me anxious to do so. It's nice that these pricier, more modern places, suddenly replacing the old red-sauce joints in droves, are actually turning out to have some integrity and quality!