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New place: La Galleria 33 in North End (and Pace's is open)

New restaurant i the former Marcuccio's space on Salem Street. Italian food, with no apparent leaning to any region. Menu appears Terra Mia-like. Just opened today. Prices: mid to high teens for antepasti/apps; primi/pasta dishes i the low 20s (half orders in the teens), secondi/main courses in the $30s. Love to hear about it if someone eats there.

BTW, J Pace's in the North End has reopened for quite a bit.

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  1. Hmmm. The private dining room at 33 Restaurant in the Back Bay is called "La Galleria." Wonder if they're the owners.

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      I hear that the owners are the same as those of L'Osteria.

    2. I stopped in at Pace last night. Pretty much a duplicate of the original...full assortment of Italian cold cuts/ cheeses and Italian specialties...few hot prepared items.

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        Any idea if they brought back the "bulk" spices (packaged in decent sized containers and I preferred slightly to Polcari's) and do they have much espresso coffee in 1kg packages? (Saugus is so-so on this and MGH is awful.) Otherwise sounds like a big improvement over the MGH store which took a bit turn for prepared foods.

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          Didn't notice; but I'll check next trip..probably next week.

      2. I've missed Pace's and will have to get over and have some of that fun interaction with the staff. I always learn something new when I shop there.

        I love their Pepato cheese. I believe it is a Sicilian Pecorino with peppercorns throughout. They always ask if we want them to grate it but we actually shave it and serve it for nibbles with wine.

        1. As for La Galleria, it really does look very nice, despite the whole fake ancient fresco thing which to me always looks a little silly. It reminds me more of the other new place, La Brace, b/c of the emphasis on grilled meats--there's actually relatively little pasta, only a couple dishes. (A couple menu misspellings, which always bugs me--eg "ricotta solada" and worse, "Bolognaise.") Some interesting-sounding dishes: Grilled lobster stuffed with ziti, spinach and lobster cream; grilled rack of lamb with artichoke-heart arancini; tartufo for dessert, which I'm only beginning to see around here. Briefly chatted w/ the owner, and she seemed very kind.

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            The items on their menu look a little more elaborate than La Brace's (and seem to be priced accordingly). BTW, have you tried La Brace yet? Enjoyed my meal there but am eager to see how other other things on the menu are and how others think about it.

          2. Not yet, but your positive post makes me anxious to do so. It's nice that these pricier, more modern places, suddenly replacing the old red-sauce joints in droves, are actually turning out to have some integrity and quality!

            1. We stopped into Pace's aftere a great lunch at Neptune Oyster.

              It is not the same in any way-it's very cold, sterile. They redid it with no personality and nothing in the way of merchandise you would go out of your way to get.

              Most items are much less expensive at Russo's so I'll just get them when I'm there.

              The cheese/deli case is so mundane that I can't imagine it is a product of the same company as the old one. It was staffed by two kids who seemed nice enough but were certainly not interesting like the old Pace staff.

              Another classic bites the dust!

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                Oh man, that's too bad. I was excited to hear about the place reopening .. I am also a fan of their bulk spices -- tubs of fennel seeds and such -- for cheap. If they've taken away the warmth then they missed the whole point. I'll have to go see for myself though.

              2. Correction- make that much MORE expensive than Russo's!

                1. I agree that the cheeses/meats are disappointing--but then, Purity's around the corner. But, being bigger, they do have a wider variety of Italian products than most N. End stores; it's fun to see some of that stuff.

                  1. Re ownership of La Galleria 33/L'Osteria: Apologies I can't link to the exact msg. I'm replying to. Don't know what the connection might be, but the L'Osteria website names different owners than the ones on the LG33 biz card, FWIW.
                    Personally not a fan of L'Osteria so I'd be just as happy to hear they're not related.

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                      The father owns L'osteria, the daughter owns LG33.

                    2. Was there last night and had a great meal. Two sisters own it and yes, they are the L'Osteria owners daughters. Our meal were fantastic andt he place was hopping. Loved the warmth of the brock with the candles as it gave a nice glow to the two rooms. With regard to the fake frescoes I think they did the best with what they had. We'll go back for sure. The stuffed lobster was terrific and the gnocchi were light and delicious. Salads could have been more special but overall very nice.

                      1. Well, here's to offspring surpassing their parents!

                        1. A question: have they revamped the old Marcuccio's space, or does it look the same? I always liked the food there, but thought the decor was tacky as hell.

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                            I was also never a fan of the decor in Marcuccio's. I really like what the new owners have done w/ the space. It's very inviting; dark wood and warm colors w/ occasional splashes of vibrant details. I was there Sat. night and thought the food was exquisite. I can see this place being a destination spot and blowing up in the near future.

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                              They have revamped and the interior looks fantastic. A great use of what they had available to them plus they have invested what looks like some serious cash in the decor. Tables are big and the chairs very comfortable.

                            2. When I was walking home last night, I actually met the woman who runs La Galleria 33 (and several of her workers outside the place). Charming person. I brought up the whole "Restuarant 33 has a private room called La Galleria" thing, and she and her workers laughed. They found out about that coincidence after they opened. Anyway, the menu looks wonderful, and I'm going to dine there soon.

                              1. All I can say about this place is that when I was walking by last night, the bright blue glow of their sign against the stormy sky was spectacular. It radiated all of Salem Street. Should have gone in for a cocktail. Do they have a full liquor license or is it beer/wine/cordials?

                                1. Fabulous food and decor. This is a great new place in the North End. I recommend this restaurant to all who want a great dining experience.

                                  1. My husband and I were out Friday night and got caught in the rain. We walked in to La Galleria 33 simply because it was the nearest reastaurant...and WOW!! At first we were wondering why we were the only two people in the place, then we spoke to the owner, who was so sweet, and she explained she has only been open 1 week. We ate the stuffed calamari (I can't even remember the last time I saw that on a menu..EXCELLENT!!!) and the veal chop that was so good my husband picked up the bone to get every last piece of meat(just like a "hound")lol. It was by far the best meal we have ever eaten in the North End. The prices are not typical of a "Salem St. restaurant" but the quality of the food justifies the price. I highly recommend this restaurant for a fine dining experience.