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Jul 14, 2006 03:30 AM

1/2 Price Hunter's Head Pub Upperville VA

The Hunter's Head British Pub in Upperville is offering a 1/2 price special on the bar menu items from 3PM-6PM Tuesday-Friday.

This afternoon we had Bangers and Mash, Calimari, Macaroni and Cheese X 2, Large Field Greens plus a pint of Harp's and a pint of Newcastle and the tab was just over $30.00. Great food, excellent service and a real bargain.

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  1. Love hunter's head. glad to hear others know of it. It's a regular stop whenever we're anywhere near the vicinity. hands down still the best bread i've ever had anywhere (alone worth the drive). our favorite bartender is long gone so we don't linger quite as long, but wherelse can you find grilled bangers with spicy mustard and bubbles and squeak. the food is always fresh (and organic, if you care, including the meat, raised around the corner on sandy lerner's farm) and a great change of pace. though a word of warning...on a hot summer day it's easy to enjoy 2 or 3 or 4 Peche beers(belgian peach ale) fresh from the tap. they go back like kool aid. but be careful, they're almost $10 a pop! talk about a buzz kill at the end of a liesurely afternoon.... So you might as well stick with guiness.

    1. I agree, Hunter's Head is a great place to eat. It has a fantastic patio outside. However, if you do plan on heading all the way out there for dinner, call ahead, reserve a table inside just in case there are thunderstorms. If the weather looks good, tell them that you are going to eat outside (where they do not take reservations).

      Be prepared the lady who answers the phone is a bit quirky. She seems to always mean well, but sometimes her message gets lost in translation.