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Jul 14, 2006 03:12 AM

Best Pizza Union Square

The last post in this subject is four years old and you know how the Square has changed... so, any suggestions for best pizza in Union Square? Patsy's is up there for sure, anything else worth eating now that Giorgio's is gone (although it was kinda awful anyway)?

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  1. I personally am a fan of Gonzo.

    1. Piola on 12th between University and Broadway. Great wood-fired pizza, tons of variety. Not a "grab-a-slice-and-go" place; reminds me of Italy not Little Italy.

        1. Stromboli's- University and 13th. Always an excellent slice!

          1. I would really rank Patsy’s as very low on the list. I went recently and the service was just atrocious, it was during an off hour and there wasn’t any excuse for it. Plus, in terms of price point, their pies just aren’t worth it.

            Stromboli has always been a favorite in terms of getting a standard good slice - it’s small and hard to find a seat during peak hours but it’s pizzeria the way I remember them without all the bells and whistles.

            Garden of Eden on 14th between 5th and University used to have a brick oven where they made pizzas in the front of the store. The pies were outstanding but as I walked by last time I saw tables where the pizza guy had been, whether they moved the over to another part of the store I don’t know.

            There is also a place on the east side of Union Square between 16th and 17th. I think it is Giorgio’s. Not sure of the name but, another good place for a slice without question.