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Jul 14, 2006 03:11 AM

Pangaea Summerlicious?

Has any one tried this summer?

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  1. Went, with 2 others for lunch...
    2 of us had the octopus salad which was reallly good but small. Don't know how the roasted corn soup was.
    Veal was rolled and stuffed, not what I was expecting, but was still delicious, but a little on the tough side.
    Desserts were really good! Had the raspberry mousse, and I normally don't like mousse but this was divine...

    I thought it was definitley worth the $20 for lunch! Service was great too.

    1. I know someone who was just there for Summerlicious dinner - thought the food and service were spectacular. She particularly raved about a risotto dish with shrimp and I think a halibut main as well as a strawberry mousse (which, to me, doesn't sound so exciting but she said it was really good). I've had normal lunches at Pangaea many times and it's always been great - it's an elegant, airy room with friendly, polished service and the food is always very good.

      1. Went to Pangaea for last year's Summerlicious and will never go again. After being seated we waited for our server... And waited and waited. It took about 10 minutes for him to greet our table and another long period for him to return to take our order. The food comes after an additional 30 minutes and beyond taking our order and bringing it to our table our server is no where to be seen.

        For some miraculous reason our server suddenly becomes very spritely at the end of the meal as he takes our plates and immediately lays down the check without my having asked for it. The whole time he was very brusque and just not pleasant.

        The dishes were well-executed but nothing highly memorable. For the cost and audacious service I would not recommend this place at all.

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          I second your opinion, since our experience was almost identical to yours, except we found the food to be substandard. It is another of theose all-flash, not substance restaurants.

        2. It's interesting how service really differed... did you go at lunch or dinner?
          At my lunch experience, the waiter was nice, quite attentive (except at offering seconds of bread), and were able to crack a few jokes with him. I thought it was pretty good service...

          1. I find that places rarely have unanimous agreement but the general trend on this board seems skewed to the negative (a few posts reading back specifically about Pangea also mention poor service). The fact that the complaint is consistently concerning service rather than other things like the quality of the food leads me to believe that Pangea is 'normally' like this.

            We went there for lunch and were actually surprised there was a table immediately available but I guess it was just a bit past 1 PM.

            My main problem is that I can usually categorise bad service as either unintentional (inexperience, workload, etc.) or intentional (not 'shelling out, not a large table, etc.) And I found our waiter to be vaguely condescending. We are young (early 20-something) and wasn't of the typical Bay st./Yorkville yuppie type but were dressed appropriately in smart business casual. I do feel that was why we were maligned but that's speculation. Anyways my final (long) thoughts is that Pangea had such poor service the first time with such utilitarian cuisine given the price/reputation that there's jus t nothing to compel me to return except for the location.

            I remember having an even worse experience as part of a large group at le Select but will probably cautiously return given that I quite enjoy their menu.