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Jul 14, 2006 02:53 AM

Kosher Restaurants/ Stores in Boro Park

What Kosher delis and dairy/ smoked fish stores/ restaurants are recommended in Boro Park? Also, what bakery would you consider the best, with things like good challahs, mandelbrot, rugelach, hamantaschen, black and white cookies, babkes, kokosh cake, marble cake, sponge cake, bagels, etc.? I am ahving a simcha and I want to do it myself to save money- I either want to do deli or fish and bagels, but I need to knwo the best deli store, bakery, and bagel/appetizing store in Boro park. Thanks.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Deli is a tough one, probably schicks although many people might argue against that (cuz meisners is a close second). schicks is on 12th ave bet 49 and 50. Challah: best heimishe challah by far is shloime's on new utrecht bet 50 and 51. they're in the neighborhood of schicks which is convenient, and they also have very decent bakery goods (cookies, RUGALACH!!! and most notably, their citrus cakes are very nice for a simcha). but for fancy cookies the winner is definitely podrigal's bakery, 13th ave and corner 56th street. they have very pretty miniatures and their stuff is delicious. between shloime's and podrigal's rugalach, podrigal wins but only cuz of their flaky dough. for milchige catering, try milk and honey on tenth avenue bet 50 and 51. they're very good but i dont have the authority to say they're the best (havent tried enough dairy places). gl!

      1. we really like for takeout meisners on 50 something on New Utrecht under the tracks.

        1. Does Milk and Honey cater heimish milchig foods such as blintzes, real heavy sour cream, cheese kreplach, perogen, matzoh brei, etc.? Also, how carries the best bagels and appetizing in Boro Park? Is Appetizing PLus on 18AV/ 48 St any good? Who has good bagels, and how is Deli Plus on 18Av and 57 Street- next to Yossi's Haimish Bakery?