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Jul 14, 2006 01:07 AM

froggy's fish market - topanga

anyone been? is it worth the drive?

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  1. I was just mentioning it in some other post yesterday -- it's definitely worth the drive, but not necessarily for the food alone. It's the ambiance of sitting on the patio with a glass or wine or beer, snacking on some fried calamari while you gaze at the hillside, maybe even having a hike afterwards if it's a full moon. I recall enjoying their fish chowder, but in general I think the food is more acceptable than incredible. But the atmosphere can't be beat.

    1. Bad service.

      Was much better years ago.

      1. If your option is lunch, your're much, much better off at Pat's Topanga Grill just up the road. The lemonade is not sweetened so you get to sweeten it yourself to taste!