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Jul 14, 2006 12:53 AM

Yet another Vancouver "breakfastish" question

Since there does not appear to be any good breakfast spot near Canada Place, can anyone recommend a good bakery where we can pick up some good breakfast goodies. We're on vacation, so no healthy bagels. We will be arriving a day before the cruise and intend to go to Granville Island and if time permits the Anthropology Museum. We are staying near Canada Place. So any good bakeries within walking distance of these places?

Thanks again for your help,


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  1. Caffe Artigiano has several locations downtown great coffee and pastries or eat breakfast there.

    Do a search on this site for previous discussions about Caffe Artigiano.

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    1. re: julies1949

      That was going to be my suggestion too. There's one near the museum at Hornby just north of Robson. easy walk from Canada Place.

      Don't forget to stroll along the harbor toward Stanley Park. There are new cafes opening there almost daily including a Bo Jangles down near Cardero that has lovely pastry.

    2. Granville Island Public Market has several bakeries. We always have a hard time deciding which goodies to buy and munch on.


      1. If you are venturing to Granville Island that you MUST stop at the Belgian Waffle house on West 2nd just East of Burrard. It is right next to Barbara Joes Books to Cooks and Vancouvers best cheese shop. A great area for a foodie!