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Jul 14, 2006 12:52 AM

Vanilla Ice Cream Hunt - Stonyfield?

how did you like it?

Would you describe it say closer to an old fashioned "cream" flavored Breyers or more like a eggier, sweeter tasting Haagen Dazs? or something else entirely?

This particular summer, I've been on a hunt for more of an old fashioned, creamier rather than sweet vanilla ice cream.

I've tried Ronnybrook (local to NY) and while good, I ended up being slightly disappointed because of my raised expectations.

Can ya help me out?

btw, Tim Tams make the most excellent ice cream mixin!

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  1. You might try Strauss'. It is barely sweet and a good platform for berries.

    1. Double Rainbow of San Francisco makes a delicious, creamy vanilla. I think the fact that it is a local brand, not having to sit in a freezer for months after it is made before I eat it, makes a difference.

      I agree that Ronnybrook's is disappointing--it's too much sugar, and not enough creamy vanilla flavor.

      Has anyone tried Green and Black's Vanilla Ice Cream?

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      1. re: Non Cognomina

        I forgot about Double Rainbow.

        I'm so used to seeing DR's various "flavors" that I forgot they do a basic vanilla.

        I think DR is sold at Trader Joes and probably Whole Foods.

        Is it sold anywhere else in nyc?

        1. re: was_bk

          You can buy DR at Garden of Eden in NYC.

          1. re: Caitlin McGrath

            thanks for the heads up.

            Turns out TJ only carries the DR French Vanilla and WF doesn't carry it at all.

            1. re: was_bk

              Is the French Vanilla significantly sweeter than regular Vanilla? I've bought the FV and found it to be rather sweet.

              1. re: was_bk

                I was bummed when I saw TJ's only had DR's French Vanilla but had planned to try it out of desperation.

                However, the lines at the NYC TJ's were so long I was afraid the ice cream wouldn't survive the wait, not to menetion the walk home in 90 degree heat.

                Reading your comment, I'm glad I passed. I'll check out Caitlin's suggestsion and see if Garden of Eden carries DR's basic vanilla.

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          1. You might want to give Strauss Family Creamery a try if its available in your area. I just bought a pint of vanilla, haven't tasted it yet, but if its anything like their chocolate or rasberry it can't be beat.

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            1. re: China

              I just looked at The Strauss website and unfortunately they only sell butter here in NY. Bummer

              btw, on 2nd thought i think i was too kind in my Ronnybrook comments. That ice cream was pretty forgettable.

              I think whatever positive memories I had really were attributed to the Tim Tams.

            2. I love the Dreamfield's vanilla. It reminds me of the vanilla ice cream we used to get back in the 50's.