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Jul 14, 2006 12:36 AM

French & Other Cheapish Lunch in St. Vincent's--West Village?


Does anyone have recommendations for something cheapish (preferably French, but other cuisines also welcome) in the St. Vincent's--West Village area? It also should be somewhat accessible for a teen. Thanks a lot!

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  1. If it's still there, Chez Brigitte is a tiny lunch counter that's been on Greenwich Ave. across from St. Vincent's forever. I don't think that the food is anything special but it's decent and inexpensive.

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      Chez Brigitte, definitely. Full of charm even if the food isn't spectacular. There aren't many places like this left in NYC.

    2. Elephant and Castle is right down the block on Greenwich. Comfort food. There are several other choices on Greenwich that I haven't tried but one of the best Cheese Steak shops around is Wogies, also down the block on Greenwich towards Sixth avenue. If you walk in the other direction Cafe de Bruxxelles is the other direction towards Hudson street. I have eaten their once and it was OK, not great.

      1. if you eat at Cafe de Bruxelles, the only thing to get is the moules frites (or if you're in the mood for it, the burger in the bar is good too). But those mussels and frites are wonderful!

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          I disagree. I've eaten at Cafe de Bruxelles a number of times for brunch and dinner and been happy with many of their dishes. Nothing outstanding, but good stick-to-your-ribs food.

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            the only thing?? oh please such drama. the rabbit and prunes is good. i am a regular for the tuesday hangar steak special. ok salads. the beers of course are fun.

            if the op goes the other direction CAFE LOUP and BAR SIX are good french spots too.

            also, right around the corner from the hospital on greenwich is LA PALETTE, a french-brazilian that is nice for a lunch.

            there is BENNY's BURRITOS, A SALT AND BATTERY and that SOY joint too.

          2. Lassi
            28 greenwich ave btwn charles and w. 10th
            -parathas, lassis, rice and beans, soups, sweets. from 12 to 3pm is a lunch special where you can a plain paratha, a lassi and a small soup for $10

            1. Lima is Peruvian. They got some ceviche and some authentic food.


              Tartine used to be good, but haven't been there for a long time and don't know what the quality is like now.